Vigilance is a simple and clean WordPress theme by The Theme Foundry. Its minimal appearance keeps the reader focused on the posts without any distractions like overwhelming colors or floating widgets. Everything is kept in their place and it’s very easy to navigate around.

The layout is your usual main post on the left and sidebar on the right. Oddly though, there’s no footer area. You can split the sidebar into three widget areas: wide, left and right.

This is all done through the backend under widgets. Unlike other themes where you would need to change the layout first in order to use the split sidebars, with Vigilance, all you need to do is place your widgets in the left and right sidebar to make it appear in the frontend. Yup, it’s that simple. You can change the look of the sidebar by adding or removing widgets under the Appearance > Widgets menu.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the order of the sidebar, so it’s always the wide sidebar at the top and the split one below it. I find that there isn’t much space between the sidebar and the main post, so it can sometimes look a bit cluttered, especially when you’re using the split sidebar. There are plenty of white space on the right-hand-side of the sidebar, which seems wasted. You would also have to keep the images in your posts below 600 megapixels or they will start running into the sidebar.

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to this otherwise very minimalistic and bland theme, then head to the Theme Options in the backend. This is where Vigilance sets itself apart from other themes. Although you can’t customise the background image, you can choose from a spectrum of colors for your background, border and links. You can also customize the header image and text under Appearance.

In Theme Options, there’s you have the ability to switch on the Alert Box. The Alert Box acts like a sticky note that appears at the front of your blog. You can feature announcements, notices and any other short important messages.

Vigilance supports a custom drop down menu bar. What’s cool about it is that when you click on a post, the categories in the menu bar get highlighted. For example, the Food in Tokyo post was posted under the categories Travel and Food. And thus, those two categories are highlighted and marked.

A downside to Vigilance is that the theme doesn’t have expandable sub-menus in the sidebar. Often you would have to click into it and before you’re taken to a page with the sub-menus. It makes browsing around the blog a bit more inconvenient.

All in all, Vigilance is a nice WordPress theme that ticks all the right places if you’re looking for a simple template with the flexibility to make minor adjustments. It’s a neat layout where you’re not bombarded by different colors or typefaces. You can try out the template yourself on the Vigilance demo page.