Styles and Trends should come hand in hand with full functionality when it comes to WordPress themes. Not one should be left out since the appeal of the website cannot be determine by one factor alone. The list below of the top ten stylish and trendy blog themes for WordPress this 2014 are your best options when looking for this features.


This is a simple, clean, and minimalist personal and blogging theme for WordPress. It focuses mainly on the readability and content of your site. It supports six post formats that allow you to create posts with ease.


This is one of the modern and professional looking themes that are recommended for writers and bloggers.


This is a highly responsive portfolio and blogging theme for WordPress that allows ease of access to any kind of device used in accessing the website.


This theme is focused primarily on the images and is best for portfolio and blog website. It is also created for mobile first on the speed aspect.


A modern theme for blog and portfolio that integrates all the important features required for these kind of website. It is also fully responsive and adapts to any screen sizes.


This is a clean, beautiful, and bold theme that is created for both new and professional bloggers. It focuses mainly on the content and aims to provide perfect avenue for sharing your content elements.


This is a crisp and bright theme that is built similar to a traditional blog but still brings features that will help your site succeed. It also features the latest badge widget of Google Plus, ad optimization, , search, speed and a lot more.


This is a minimalistic and elegant theme for WordPress that has ultra-clean design and focuses strongly on the content. This is the best choices for bloggers since it comes with all the important features that you may need for a website.


This is a responsive theme that is best for simple to advanced blogging activities.


This is more of a personal blog theme that follows the tumblog concept. It is best for creative since it has a built-in rich media post formats features that lets you share and highlight your important contents.

Even if your themes are stylish and trend, it is still an important reminder that the features should not be compromised. These should go hand in hand in every design that you are making. The list above of the stylish and trendy WordPress themes are some of your best options when you need a theme that serves all of this purpose.