Since the popularity of devices capability to access the internet on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gagdgets the demand for responsive layout has kept increasing. This 2014, the trend continuous and web designers are expected to create websites that can be viewed and navigated smoothly even when accessed from these devices. The list below presents the best themes for WordPress with these features.

Essenza Theme

This theme sets its primary focus on the images instead of the content. It’s a full width portfolio with grid view located in the front page which will showcase your works especially if you are an artist or a photographer.

Frame Theme

This theme landed on the list of the bestselling theme for photography on WordPress. It has an excellent full width slider within the front page that allows you to display your work like your arts in their proper sizes for you to make an impression.

Nexus Theme

This is one of the newest themes for magazine sites. It is from elegantthemes that even allows you to get access with over 80 other themes for free. Thus, whenever you wanted to change your site’s genre or when you wanted something new for your site, then this is the best theme for you.


Another theme for magazine site’s that makes use of modular base. This means that you can easily edit the front page through the module then change your layout according to your preference. It also comes with an advanced option panel that makes everything easy to tweak.

Core Theme

For portfolio themes at WordPress, this one has a minimal approach. Among its top features include custom post types, social widget, and full-width slideshow. Its social networking widgets allow you to share your images or even an entire page to other people.

Daisho Theme

This theme is recommended for creative people who are looking for a clutter-free and fresh theme. It has a built-in SEO tools and category filter which will help you in managing your website easily.

Valenti Theme

A stylish magazine theme for WordPress. Its top feature is your ability to choose your feature image for every page which in turn will also be displayed within the header area. This ability of this theme gets you a unique look for your site from time to time.


This theme is packed with features and even uses the newest technology used this 2014. This ensures that you get the most from your WordPress site. This theme is optimized to function well with desktop, smartphone, and tablets.

Glema Theme

This is actually an extremely unique theme. Its front page is composed of your chosen full-width images. So when you click on your logo, the menu button appear which then leads you to other pages.

PressGrid Theme

Another new magazine-based theme that takes the concept of the traditional magazine to an entirely different level. This 2014, its article-like grid as its front page is the newest trend this year.

The game in the online community requires that every web designers follows what people expects from a website. Now, it requires responsiveness wherein regardless of the device used in accessing the site, it will still be presented and arranged like they were accessing it from a laptop or a desktop.