Unlike before, designing a website now requires other considerations like it must be responsive so that the site is viewed perfectly even when accessed from a mobile device or smaller screens. The good thing is that there are several themes available online that already has that feature and all you need to do is choose one that suits your need and design the site according to your liking and worry less about the responsiveness of the page. The list below presents ten of the best magazine theme that has this feature.


This is a creative and modern premium WordPress theme that is created using the beautiful FLAT style. It is best for creative agency, illustrator portfolio, designer portfolio, personal portfolio, photographer portfolio and a lot more.


This theme comes with a grungy watercolor style however it still keeps its classical and clean look.

HTML5 WordPress Shell

Using this framework also gets you custom templates that already includes 503 and 404 error pages. It supports the latest menu system for WordPress the Modernizr like feature detection of HTML5. It also comes with the reset style sheet of HTML 5, font face support for the iPhone detection, and the IE conditional style sheets.

TwentyTen Five

This is actually an upgrade of the HTML 5 default. It supports HTML 5 elements and is also compatible with any modern browsers.


This is a simple and professional theme that has two color schemes, black and white. It is best used for corporate magazines and the theme is flexible enough to be used for portfolios and blogs.


This is an amazing, simple, clean, and minimalist theme that provides a refreshing look to your website. This theme ensures that the focus is on the contents and images. It also features eight custom formats and a beautiful attention to the details.


This is a perfect landing page for your website that is under development. This theme will let your visitors know how they will be able to contact you.


A starter theme for WordPress that is created for developers. It is based from the HTML5  boilerplate, blueprint, and the Starkers. This theme will help you to create brochure site ad blogs fast.


This is a finely handcrafted theme for WordPress that is best for business and organization. You will be easily notice since it uses a bold, clean, and responsive theme from Might Themes.


This is a unique and responsive theme for WordPress that is designed for e-commerce business, creative companies, or corporate organizations.

Want it responsive? The worry less since the developers of the above listed themes already did it for you. All you need to do is arrange all the elements according to your preference and rest assured that your layout adopts to whatever kind of screen size your website will be accessed.