Looking for the most apt WordPress themes to use for your website can be petrifying. The countless numbers of available WordPress theme makes it harder to choose which ones to choose.  Trying out each one in the search engine is giving your migraine. Since we know how crucial it is to look for the best theme that will fit your preferences, we made a list of our best WordPress themes that you will surely like. In this list, we have agreed to only include the fully-responsive ones in order to have a little bit of uniformity among the choices.



Known for its versatility, Harmony would be the perfect theme for the people who are planning to create a website exclusively for music-inclined reasons. For some instances, if you want to make a website that will promote your band, Harmony provides the perfect features that could cater your website needs. It has a built in audio player, a section where you could handle and create events, and a gallery wherein you could upload and collect band’s garage and studio session photos. In addition, you could also make your website profitable by selling band merchandise like T-shirts and albums.



Another one of our fully-responsive WordPress theme is DailyJournal. This will perfectly suit the travelers and literature-inclined bloggers out there! You will never feel more comfortable in writing your travel experiences, made-up stories, poems and whatever it is that you desire to write with this theme. Since this theme automatically adapts to whatever screen size it is being displayed, you should feel confident that your website will look at its best format. This WordPress theme releases an atmosphere of personal feel and ease which will entice you to write and blog as much as you could.



If you are an aspiring photographer or artist who wants to showcase your portfolio online, then DeepFocus will be perfect for you. This WordPress theme will transform your WordPress blog into a functional online gallery of photos or paintings (whichever you prefer). However even though puts emphasis on your photo gallery, it still functions like a blogsite. Therefore, you could blog and at the same time keep a gallery or portfolio of your creative artworks at the same time. This will let surely display both your artistic and writing skills.



Another noteworthy WordPress theme that will refresh your mind by providing a lot of imagery in your website as possible, is Origin. This grid-based WordPress theme creates and engaging experience by trying to populate your entire screen with images. Feel free to create a narrative by uploading photos in your blog if you use this theme. Since it is fully-responsive, you do not have to worry about your iamges being cropped if access in smaller screen sizes. It will adapt to the screen size where it is accessed.



Trim will capture us with its simplicity. This WordPress theme will surely create the atmosphere of professionalism. It perfectly creates a balance between simplicity and crispness that will leave your audience and future readers light hearted after visiting your website.

Now that you have the complete list of these amazing WordPress themes, go out and try it out in different devices you desire!