Structure is a free WordPress theme made by Organic Themes. It’s stylish, crisp and uncluttered. It has a minimalistic feel to it but with enough areas for you to display all sorts of information.

What makes Structured distinctively stand out from other themes is probably the generous space given for a featured article – right at the top on the front page. This space highlights your most recent post from a selected category of your choice. It displays your post’s title and also the featured image.

The theme Structured is great if you like to include featured images to your posts, as they will be shown on the front page. You can also select the featured image to be displayed above the single post.

This theme offers a good range of customizable options, without being complicated to setup. Everything works out of the box and setting up the theme was uncomplicated.

At a click of a button in Theme Options, I was able to set up social media icons, set featured category and even switch between the default white color scheme, to a darker, black option. You can also set up custom header and background easily.

Personalizing the theme with widgets is straightforward. Structure provides you with plenty of module spaces to play around with, including the four-column footer.

The theme itself features a three-column layout on the front page that switches to a two-column one in a single post. That way, the reader doesn’t feel distracted from the content.

Organic Themes does offer a paid premium version of Structure. However, I found the free version to be equally as impressive. The most notable difference between the paid and free versions is the JavaScript slider and some minor style changes.

I would definitely recommend Structure if you’re looking for a more professional blog theme without the bells and whistles. The theme is very clean, easy to setup and offers enough customizable features to make it look more exclusive. Have a play around on the demo page and let me know what you think!