Spectrum is a newly released WordPress theme. As the name suggests, it is quite a colorful template with rainbow spectrums plastered at the top. However, it still comes across as a simple, clean theme without being too over the top, or blinding with various colors.

Spectrum is a two-column layout, with the main column being very prominent as it’s a lot wider. The widgitized sidebar doesn’t allow much room for too much text or images as it can look quite crammed. There’s not much white space between the sidebar and main article.

Although the headers for each title of the sidebar section have a transparent effect, they are still very bulky and thick. That doesn’t really help with the already limited white space. Nevertheless, I like the cute icons that come with certain widgets and the hints of color as you roll-over the links.

The translucent header part makes a stylish inclusion as it fades into opaque white. The compact translucent menu bar on the top right-hand-side ties in nicely with the theme. This see-through effect isn’t as prominent with the default rainbow swirls in the background. Thankfully, Spectrum allows you to custom your background and header.

There’s the custom option to feature a tag cloud in the footer area. If you have a lot of tags, it can be quite a nice, colorful inclusion.

If we just focus on the main posts, the use of transparency is carried across in the muted gray details. The green colored title headers add a refreshing hint of color. I also like the mini colored ‘category’ and ‘tagged’ icons.

The threaded comments are a nice component. It definitely makes it easier to read and navigate the comments section.

Spectrum is a very straightforward theme that allows for basic customization like changing the background and header. However, if you’re looking to really spice it up, it’s pretty limited unless you’re able to fiddle around with the CSS.

The theme definitely provides you with the basic features you require in a blog. Spectrum is great if you want the focus to be on your articles and don’t plan to clutter your sidebar with too much personalized text and images.

To try out Spectrum, head to the demo site.