PhotoSquares 2 is a paid WordPress theme by Function Themes. It now has improved functionalities and is packed with useful features. PhotoSquares 2 is great for photographers and designers who want to showcase their works in an elegantly designed online portfolio.


Photosquares 2 a simple theme with a full-width layout and additional information and widgets can be included in the three-width footer area. There’s more discrete drop down menu bar on the to left hand corner, along with a search box.

What’s great about this theme is that it offers you the flexibility to customize the site and change the way your portfolio looks easily and instantly.

Custom Options & Features

You will find all these custom options once you log into the WordPress control panel. Simply go to Theme Options under the PhotoSquare menu. In General Settings, you’re able to upload a logo, favicon and manage the footer text, RSS feed and social accounts.

By clicking on Main Page, you’re able to choose how your works are displayed and your photos will be automatically resized and cropped. You can choose the number of columns to display and also the number of photos to have per page.

You works aren’t just restricted to square shapes. Here’s what 300 x 350 looks like.

And this is 300 x 600 pixels but only display 3 thumbnails per page.

You can even have just one large display image with no post details. This is 900 x 600 pixels and I’ve unticked to display the post information.

Also under Theme Options, you will be able to customize the Gallery feature to be enabled in your posts. This turns your gallery photos in post into a neat clickable slide show.

Furthermore, there are lots of custom colors available for the title, background, header, content and much more.

You can also choose from a large selection of fonts from Google Webfonts that are free to use.


Features include:

  • Flexible layout width
  • Changeable gallery thumbnail size
  • Supports custom logo
  • Ability to change background and text colors
  • Contact form, blog and archive templates
  • Widget ready
  • Can be used on multiple domains
  • Lifetime support

Bottom Line

PhotoSquare 2 is a great WordPress theme for an online portfolio. There are many flexible options and useful functions that are easy to customize to suit your requirements. It’s easy to use and everything works out of the box.

You can check out PhotoSquares 2 yourself by going on the demo page.

Have you tried the theme? Do you like it? Can you recommend any other WordPress portfolio themes? Let us know by commenting below!