Inuit Types is a refreshing change compared to the previous WordPress themes I’ve been reviewing. The last two WordPress themes were great for setting up a no fuss blog, but they lacked custom options. Inuit Types, on the other hand, is a sharp looking theme that gives you enough custom options to differentiate your blog from someone else who is also using the theme. In fact, there are over 900 different combinations you can come up with.

Inuit Types by default is a three-column layout but you can also make that into a two-column layout too. The side bar is initially on the right hand side, but can also be placed on the left hand side. Your posts are shown in the middle and the two-column layout can be shrunk to just one.

You can also have featured articles that are highlighted. Unlike some themes where you can assign certain tags to be included as featured posts, Inuit Types isn’t as flexible. The featured articles in this case are really just your most recent articles and you can set the number of featured articles to display.

The great thing is that the excerpts are automatically summarized and shrunk down to fit nicely on the front page. There’s no need to manually go into a post to insert the ‘read more’ line break or create excerpts. So it’s convenient for those who already have a few posts published and looking to switch themes.

The theme also supports a custom drop down menu bar. The menu bar isn’t so much into your face and sits discretely at the top along with the RSS feed button.

The theme doesn’t have a widgitized footer, but it makes it up with the front page text module above the posts.

What you would love about Inuit Types are the theme options in the back-end. As mentioned before, you can set the layout to your liking. You can move the side bar from right to left. You can also set the layout for the posts on the front page, from the default two columns to one. In addition, there are six different color schemes to choose from, including a very stylish dark black theme.

Inuit Types would have been even better if there was the inclusion of custom header and background too. Nevertheless, I’m more than pleased with its current selection of alternative options. Its bold fonts and clean layout makes it easy to navigate and very readable.