INove is a simple and clean WordPress theme. It can be quite corporate looking and would suit bloggers that are looking for a more professional feel and look. INove gives you plenty of features to customize the layout, but it’s not as straightforward as it looks.


The monochrome color palette and the crisp lines aren’t distracting and won’t deter your readers from your article posts. There’s a good space division between the main post area and also the sidebar. There’s enough white space between objects so things don’t look cluttered.

INove can be turned from a two-column theme to a one-column theme in a switch. Simply head to Appearance > Theme Options and tick Hide sidebar from all pages.

This is great if you wanted more space to display larger images. You can also apply the ‘no sidebar’ layout to certain pages. If you go to Pages > Add New, you will be able to select Page without sidebar under the Templates drop-down list.

You can also customize the background with an image or fill color in Appearances > Custom Background.


If you go into Appearance > Theme Options, a lot can be found there. With Notice, you can display a short message or even an image on the top of your posts. It’s similar to a Sticky Post but in a more condensed format. I’ve added some text in Notice and realize that the default format of the text is almost undetectable. You would have to know some basic HTML in order to get it to display how you want it to.

A simple way is to use an online HTML editor. You can jazz up the text and layout before copying the HTML and pasting it in the Notice text box. However, with all the trouble, you could just create a Sticky Post.

The Banner and Showcase features give you the ability to choose who can see them. You can select from Registered Users, Commentator and Visitors. The banner allows you to display small images along the right-hand-side of the top banner. You’re limited to a 60px high image and if you try to put in more than four lines of text, things will go out of alignment. Showcase gives you the option to display text or image that will appear on the top of the sidebar.

They’re both great features, but again, you would need to know some HTML and tinker with the codes in order to get them working properly. It’s a hassle to set them up and I personally think the blog looks better without the Banner or the Showcase. In fact, it’s probably easier to set up an Image or Text Box widget.

You can depict which details to display in each post.

This is a nice option to have if you want to hide tags and categories, especially if you have a lot of them.

The Feed and Twitter button add a bit of character. Because the two buttons are displayed on top of the sidebar, you would have to make sure that you haven’t hid the sidebar from all pages in order for it to be displayed.

When your mouse hovers over the RSS feed link, a small window pops up with a few feed readers. Although more popular ones are missing, like Digg, Reddit, and Facebook.


INove is a basic theme with minimum distractions and clutter. However, it’s not very dynamic and font doesn’t make the theme too inviting either. If you’re looking to utilise the custom features fully, then you would need to know a bit of HTML, which can be challenging for bloggers who are use to the more out-of-the-box custom options.

What are your thoughts about INove? Would you be downloading it? Or maybe you’re currently using it, have you had any problems setting it up? Let us know by commenting below!