Greyzed is a great for those who are looking for a more illustrative WordPress theme but without looking too feminine. Greyzed is definitely not cute and fluffy. It’s packed with grunge and industrial elements. The bold red headers and hover-over menu color adds the only hint of color to this gunmetal gray palette.

Greyzed is a two-column theme with a discrete top menu bar. Its widgetized side menu bar is distinctively placed on the left-hand-side. Not many WordPress themes offer this layout as most side menu bars are placed on the right.

The theme follows the popularity of the three-column footer. Gone are the days where you could only cram in the copyright disclaimer at the end of your blog. Now, you can utilize the space at the bottom and insert all sorts of widgets. Unlike other themes, if you decide not use the footer, then you’re not going to end up with an obvious empty space at the bottom.

I like the nifty detailing of the design, like the ink marks, sketches and soft torn paper edges. The doodles are kept to a minimum without being cheesy and blend in nicely to the whole theme. I even like the featured comment box that ties in nicely with the design.

This theme works best if you include more images than text on your blog. The standard font is a bit small so could become a bit strenuous on the eyes if you are articles are like essays. However, photos seem to really stand out well.

A big drawback of this theme is the lack of options you have to customize it. There are no special widgets or theme options. You can’t change the background or the header, which a lot of newer WordPress themes are now offering. So any blog that uses Greyzed is going to look exactly the same.

Reading the comments, a lot of bloggers find this theme to be very edgy and non-traditional. Ironically, that’s also the reason why not a lot of people have readily adopted it. I think if Greyzed offered custom background option or even a few different color palettes, it would have suited those who like the overall design and layout, but might have found the worn-out texture to be a bit too much.

I like the subtle RSS link at the top of the blog, but what would make me like it even better is if it also included a Twitter and Facebook link and icon too. Ok, maybe I’m just being a bit too critical here.

If you’re looking for something truly different with a rugged and tough feel, then you’d definitely fall in love with Greyzed. Without the custom option, it makes it one of the most easiest and quickest WordPress theme to set up.