Firstly, don’t let the word ‘grunge’ scare you off with this theme. I understand how most grunge themes on WordPress tend to be more focused on the artistic graphics rather than usability. I’ve come across a few grunge themes where’s it too dark, making the font barely legible. Elegant Grunge on the other hand uses subtle grunge elements. There’s no over-the-top filth effect that can clutter a blog. It’s surprisingly clean and as the name puts it, elegant grunge.

When I first saw this blog, I wouldn’t have guessed it was based on a grunge design. The grime details are kept to an absolute minimum. Instead of industrial textures, Elegant Grunge has soft fade marks, faint gray tarnishes and light torn paper edges. The white background makes the theme appear more clean and crisp, along with making the articles easier to read.

Each article is also presented neatly without any distractions. The post information such as date, time, tags and categories are bundled together at the bottom. The comments are presented like individual notes.

What makes Elegant Grunge a standout are its custom features. Theme Options offer four different layouts, enabling you to change from full-width, to three-column layout at a click of a button.

In addition to the two-column layout, you have the option to choose where to place the sidebar. Great if you’re looking for a left sidebar layout, which surprisingly not many other themes offer. If you are going for the full-width layout, you can still include your usual widgets in its three-column footer.

Elegant Grunge supports a custom menu and also a custom header. I would definitely recommend to upload your own header rather than just leaving it blank by default. A torn paper edge effect is automatically applied to the image, giving it an interesting twist.

Elegant Grunge is a flexible and universal theme as the grunge element is kept to a minimum. It’s a great WordPress theme due to its custom options — especially being able to choose the template layout. If you’re looking for a theme that isn’t too dark or heavy, but still has a touch of attitude, then Elegant Grunge could be what you’re looking for.