DePo Masthead is quite a unique WordPress theme. It’s based on a magazine layout with three columns running down vertically. It presents your articles in a very simple manner. The designer Derek Powazek got his inspiration from classic magazines like Esquire, Vanity Fair and Vogue. It’s definitely a classy theme, however, there are some drawbacks if you’re big on customizing the layout.

The three-column widget-less template might feel a bit awkward for those who were use to all sorts of widgets running down the sides. There is the three-column footer that supports widgets. Nevertheless, it does take sometime to get use to. Some of the widgets that include images might not work as well when placed in the footer position. I had to take out my Flickr widget as it was too long and dragged out the whole footer.

To keep the layout neat, you would also need to tweak your articles a bit. Unless all your articles run for about the same length of under 100 words, then you would need to utilize the “read more” button. Setting this up is quite easy as you will find in the YouTube video. However, if you already have a large collection of articles, adding “read more” to each post can be tedious.

I find that including images on the front page doesn’t work so well either. Because of the narrow columns, the images aren’t large enough to make an impact and look a bit out of place. Best to leave them out of the excerpts.

DePo Masthead doesn’t come with much custom features, except for the ability to change the name of the top link button. It doesn’t include custom menus or a drop-down menu bar, which can be seen as a big disadvantage.

A small but crucial feature DePo Masthead has left out is the “next” button on the front page to browse through previous posts. Your reader will have to go into “archives” to retrieve all your posts.

DePo Masthead might have its disadvantages, but it’s unique layout and classy outline make it an excellent theme for certain types of blogs.

What are you thoughts?