Coraline comes across as a neat and clean WordPress theme that might be on the bland side of things. The default settings make this theme appear too simple, but scratch the surface a bit deeper and you’d soon realize that there are loads of custom options available with Coraline.

Coraline offers multiple layouts and it’s very impressive. There are five different options that pretty much cover any layout you can think of. With different two-column and three-column styles, you won’t be disappointed with the choices. You can have the main sidebar on the left-hand-side, right-hand-side or even both!

If you like including lots of widgets in your blog, then you’re going to love seven different widgetized areas. The four-column footer area is a perfect way to display text, clouds and tags in a more compact manner.

If you’re using the three-column layout, then you have the additional secondary widget area too. What’s great about Coraline is that it has enough white space in its layout so all your widgets don’t look cluttered or over-lapping anywhere. The font used in the sidebar is big enough to be legible, but small enough so it doesn’t divert the focus too much from the main posts.

This theme also features a custom menu bar with drop down support. What’s really nifty is the ability to include a sticky post that appears above all your other posts. Setting this up is pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is to check the ‘sticky’ box under ‘Publish’ when you’re writing or editing a post.

If you’re still looking for more ways to customize your blog, then you’d appreciate the dark theme option found under ‘Theme Options’ in the backend.

If you wanted to, you can also customize the background and header. There are three default headers but I think you can find cooler ones that aren’t so nature-centric.

If you wish to preview Coraline for yourself, you can click here.