Okay, considering you have taken up a web-hosting and installed WordPress on it, the next step comes in, in the form of installing a WordPress Theme that serves the following purposes:

  • suits the tone of your business
  • provides a list of features integrated with it so that you don’t need to code for them
  • provides a list of options with regards to the look and feel of the website
  • easy to manage
  • and of course, a stylish design

Today, I am going to talk about a theme that does all this and much more. BusyBee is a premium WordPress theme by WooThemes, and is preferred by a number of bloggers worldwide, but it solves the purpose of small businesses as well just right.

BusyBee is just perfect for:

  • A website that needs content in a 2-column layout format
  • A business that needs a rich menu in their header – having both Primary navigation as well as a Secondary navigation
  • Businesses who are looking to sell advertising spaces on their websites – either directly or through advertising services like adsense
  • Business owners who would like to code as less as possible (may a times no coding needed at all) and still have all features to engage with their targeted audience

Unique Features of the theme BusyBee:

  • Drop down menu is available both for navigation for both page as well as category based browsing
  • A number of color options available for the website admin to choose from. Other than the default styling, twelve additional theme options are available to change the look of the website so as to suit your brand the best.
  • Just upload the logo of your business and the theme takes care of placing it the right way on the website. Uploading of favicon for your site is just as simple.
  • Built in ad spaces that can be managed just by placing the right parameters/urls for images and destination in the admin panel
  • 9 ads on any page – one embedded in the header, another in the post content area, one large ad in the sidebar along with 6 small ads in the sidebar area. The number of built in ad locations provided by Busybee theme is amongst the highest provided by any wordpress theme – free or premium.
  • Easy engagement with your users by integrating your twitter account through the admin panel that shows your latest tweet right in the header with a beautiful styling thus grabbing the visitors attention.
  • All uploaded videos can be clubbed under a separate category. Once this category has been mentioned as a “video category” in the admin panel, this category automatically uses the built in video player widget to play the videos. This category gets excluded from the home page navigation and you can display the videos or category independently.
  • Easy customization in terms of the number of popular posts or recent comments you want to show in the sidebar. Although the theme does take a default value (five), in case you do not specify any preference, but if you want to – you can display as many as 19 comments and 19 recent posts in the sidebar for the users to see on all pages in the sidebar.
  • The number of featured posts that will be displayed can be controlled in a similar manner in the theme options in your admin panel.
  • The theme comes with a bunch of pre defined templates for your pages – e.g. archives, contact form, full width page, image gallery, sitemap etc. While creating a new page, all you need to do is select the right template for the page and the theme takes care of the rest.
  • In order to use the contact form right, all the admin needs to do is specify the email address on which the messages sent by visitors via contact form need to be sent. This email address can be specified and edited later if needed, by just specifying it in the theme options in the admin panel.
  • If there are some custom css styles that you would like to add to the website, you don’t need to change the stylesheet files that come with the theme. There is a custom CSS option available in the theme option in the admin panel where you can add your fragment of the code, and it is implemented automatically by the theme.
  • You can integrate your Flickr account with your website directly through the theme options. There is no need to install any plugin for this support, it is a bundled package with the theme itself.
  • Search Engine Optimized coding and the theme is compatible across all brosers (tested with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari)

Other than all these features, the theme comes with a very easy to manage Adsense and Google Analytics system wherein you just need to put in the lines of code you get from Adsense and Google Analytics into the theme options and you are done. No need to open and edit even one of the php files that come with the theme. All that you need to do is there in the admin panel.

Other than these features, the users enjoy all other benefits that come with any premium theme from WooThemes:

  • Built in script for resizing image so as to generate thumbnails for the posts containing images.
  • Language support – Easy WordPress theme translation enabling you to convert your website into a language of your choice.
  • Importing and Exporting of theme settings – If at any point of time, you want to switch to any other theme from WooThemes, you can export the settings of your existing WooTheme and the new theme will set itself up taking into consideration your choices the last time. Same is applicable if you are converting to BusyBee theme from some pre-existing WooTheme on your website.

Pricing and other details:

For a basic user who just wants to add the theme without making any changes in the way the theme looks, the standard theme package is available with WooThemes at a price of $70 (comes with 2 bonus themes free, but does not include any PSD files). However, for our photoshop savvy users, who might want to play with the design themselves, the theme comes with all PSD files included (plus 3 bonus themes) for an equally affordable price of $150.