Bueno is designed by Woo Themes and it’s a WordPress theme you’d pick if you wanted to make an impact, but without the distractions. It’s been described by the designer Ajmal Eylia as being sophisticated. But if Bueno was a person, he/she would a be sassy and confident hipster.

The theme’s neat, grid-based layout is a treat to the eye and makes navigating a breeze. The two-column layout means your blog articles can really stand out. But don’t worry, the extra wide side bar allows plenty of space for your widgets.

If the sidebar isn’t enough for your widgets, then the three-column footer definitely gives you enough space to cram whatever links and pics you want.

The special Bueno Featured Posts widget is great if you wish to promote a certain tag. It can be quickly set up to your liking under Appearances in the backend. If you publish the Featured Posts widget on the sidebar, you’d have a nifty preview of those articles (including a thumbnail) without the blog looking compressed or cluttered.

I like how Beuno can maintain its orderly structure without coming across as cold or too professional. The bold typography, larger sized fonts and faint polka dot background make the theme more inviting and fun. Like with most WordPress themes, you can quickly change the background with an image or color if polka dots don’t float your boat.

What’s more, there are seven different color schemes to choose from. If the default salmon pink color also doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe the majestic purple, fresh green or neutral gray will. Now you can freely switch between various color schemes to reflect your mood at any given moment – without having to painstakingly tweak the CSS.

The Bueno theme isn’t equipped with any fancy Theme Options or Widgets, However, that can be seen as an advantage if you wish to have a sharp-looking blog up and running in under 10 minutes. The clean structure, crisp lines and subtle cute details definitely gets my vote.