Reviewed by: Yi // Theme created by: Organic Things


Structure theme comes in two versions: Paid Premium and Free. This review covers the free version.

To view the demo, go to

The theme itself is very structured, as the name suggests. It’s very crisp, clean and easy to navigate. It’s great if you’re going to include featured images in your post, as they’re shown on the front page.

The great thing is you can mark an article to be a featured article. This makes the title and image of the featured article you have marked appear at the top of the page, giving this them a very distinct look.

Along the right hand side you can customize the widgets.

This is a three column theme; if you click into an article, the page becomes a two column layout. If you’re going to include a lot of information at the bottom of your page you’ll be happy to know that this theme also offers a full column footer, which allows for more links, information and copyright information. All of this is done on the back end through the widgets page.


In the APPEARANCE>THEME options setting you are not bombarded with too many options. This theme sets up quite easily and quite quickly as well.

Notice the FEATURED category. You select a category to be a featured category. The best way to set this up, I’ve found, is to create a category titled FEATURED. What happens then, with your posts, is that the most recent ones marked “FEATURED” in the categories will appear in your front page. If you change your mind, you can always unmark the post from being Featured, which would then prompt the them to take the next most recent “featured” post and move it to the top of the page.

Also in THEME OPTIONS, at the top, you can find the SOCIAL MEDIA icons. This allows for you to have icons for Twitter, FaceBook and RSS feed logos at the top of your page.

COLOR SCHEMES are also accessible through the Theme Options page. The default is a white background, never the less, you can click the ALTERNATE DARK COLOR SCHEME box and then click SAVE CHANGES to alter the color scheme to a darker setting with a black background.

If you don’t like either the black or white color scheme, you can navigate to APPEARANCE>BACKGROUND and actually upload a customized image yourself. You can also customize the header.


Navigating to the widgets area, it’s all very simple. The theme functions with ‘drag-and-drop.’  You can edit the right side, left side, side bar and the home page top right and the full column footer.

All in all, this is a neat, distinct them that is easy to set up. It offers lots of customize features that are simple to use, and its great if you’re looking for something that’s a little different.