Enjoy Awesomeness on your blog with our list of Top 10 Awesome Useful WordPress Hacks.


Set an Expiration Date for your Posts

Posting clues or hints on your Blog, or displaying a discount offer for your product? Don’t want the post to stay forever in your blog? Why not set an expiration date for your posts that you to be deleted in a certain time frame by using this awesome hack.

Display Thumbnails Next to Each Post

Pictures speaks thousands words. Use this hack tosummarize the content of your blog by putting a thumbnail next to each post and start enticing those potential visitors.

How to List Future Upcoming Posts

Everyone wants more users to subscribe to their feeds. Have your potential and current visitors excited on what’s coming next on your blog post with this amazing hackthat shows them a list of your future blog posts that you have scheduled.

Separate TrackBacks from Comments

Most if not all great posts starts a good discussions from comments, save the hassle of your visitors to follow your comments with this awesome hacks thatseparates the trackbacks from comments for them.

Display Certain Categories in a Menu

Limited spots on the header restricts you form displaying certain categories that you wanted, with this very handy hack, create a navigation menu and display the categories that suits your liking.

Control When Your Posts are Available via RSS

Posting in WordPress is fast, and it’s a good thing, the set back is when your try to review your post and found an error it is already posted in the feeds. With this amazing hack, add a delay as many minutes as you like, and double check your post live.

Display Random Header Images on your Blog

Add more life to your blog by having a dynamic header. With this awesome hack,it will allow you to have a header that rotates on each visit.

Add Read it Later to your Posts

Improve the user experience of your visitors by using this hack that allows you to add a save content. It will automatically save the content for your users to read it later on any device.

Change the Default Gravatar for Comments

The default gravatar, the mystery man is quite annoying for most users. Why not get rid of the said gravatar and brand your blog in a personal way using this useful hack that will let you change the default gravatar on your comment area.

Link to External Sources from your Post Title

Last but not the least in our list of Top 10 Awesome Useful WordPress Hacks. With this very handy WordPress Hack, you can now link an external link from your post title. Save your visitors time and let them experience convenience on your blog.