Nowadays, events are becoming a social norm. These are not even the religious events or events that signifies an important milestone in someone’s life. There are events that sprung from great minds and are organized by both professional and personal event organizers. Right now, these event organizers are using the web to reach people and entice them to attend their events.

However, in order for them to build an event, they should first make a registration system. This is where the task gets tricky. In addition, this could also cost the organizer just to set up the website for registration. However, WordPress provides a set of tools that will make the job easier. If you are equipped with the correct tools, creating the event registration will be trouble-free.

In creating a registration system, you should be fully aware of what your goal is. Before starting he process, you should be familiar with registration process during events. If you have no idea where to start, worry no more because we will provide you with a list of important features that your registrations system should have.

  • Event Description

Do not forget to tell your future participants what the event is all about. Give them the important details like, date and time of the event, venue, special surprises, and goal of the event.

  • Map

If you are expecting visitors and participants that are alien to the place, including a map in your event registration system is a must. You should provide a visual guide on how to your expected visitors and participants will be able to get to the venue. In addition, you could also include important details like affordable and nearby hotels that could be useful for your tired and weary participants.

  • Registration Form

We proceed to the main topic of this article. The best way to handle the registration process is to provide a registration form to your future participants and event goers. Make sure that the registration form is neat and is clearly labeled.

  • Payments

This portion of your registration system will inform your event goers about the payment options you provide.

  • Email

Make sure that you provide your customers, event goers, and participants the necessary confirmation messages that they deserve. This email system will also send them teasers, updates and reminders about the event.

  • Management

This talks about how you, as either an event organizer or website page owner, manage the registration system. How often do you update the page? How often do you answer queries from your customers?  You will be handling these questions once you start managing the registration system in the WordPress website.

Registration System In WordPress


As mentioned earlier, there are ready to use tools in WordPress that you can use in order to create a registration system in your event website. Aside from that, you also have the choice of adding some plugins in order to increase its functionality. Here are some convenient and easy ways to look at when you are building a registration system.

Pages and Posts

postsCreate a category that is made specifically for your event. This way, you can separate your other contents from the even. Therefore, if you do not have enough resources to make an exclusive website for your event and registration, you can handle the event registration by using pages and posts. By doing so, you have all the freedom to put in as much details as you think is needed.

Sign Up

This is a built in WordPress registration feature. You could use this plugin for your registration system. This will be the perfect tool that will allow your participants to sign up in your posted event.

In your registration system, you might be needing other features. This will take more time and will be more difficult to achieve. In connection, there will be a greater possibility that you will encounter quite a few problems. Installing different plugins that provide different features for your WordPress registration system might be troublesome for you. On the other hand, even though these plugins include complicated installation processes, you will also need to manage everything in your WordPress website manually. This includes the task of manually counting number of attendees or participants.

In addition, the most difficult task is to handle multiple numbers of events at the once. Doing so will require you to start from scratch which means that you have to restart all of the step that you did before. This will obviously take up a huge portion of your time.

Therefore, you have to picture the Ideal System for your Registration System in you WordPress website. This should allow you to handle and control everything just by using a single dashboard. Make sure that everything – features, acceptable payment methods, and sign up forms – is integrated to one another. This will give your registration system coherence and consistency. There is no better way to achieve this ideal system than to utilize the features given and provided by several chosen plugins that will surely perform the needed tasks outstandingly.

If you decide to use plugins in order to manage your event registration system in WordPress, this will surely help you to save time and money. In choosing a plugin, you should make sure that it would perfectly function. In addition, make sure that you get your money’s worth by choosing the plugins that do not only exhibit or perform one task but is also backed up with different and useful features and tasks. These plugins should provide you with complete systems in order to make the managing of the page laid-back and stress-free.

Indeed, it is evident that WordPress is a very effective tool to use in trying to handle event sign ups. You can be as detailed as you want to appear in your website. WordPress provides different WordPress plugins that is very comfortable to use and easy to handle. By using these plugins, you will have your freedom on how you want your website to appear and function for your future visitors and attendees. Therefore, never hesitate to exploit the endless possibilities with WordPress.