In this article I have listed out some plugins which I install after every fresh installation of WordPress. I found this plugins very useful over my long course of blogging. I’m sure many of you are well aware of this plugins; this article is targeted towards them who are new to WordPress environment and are relatively inexperienced. I have categorised the plugins under several head’s for easy understanding.


First thing that comes to my mind after a fresh wordpress installation is security, wordpress in itself is not at all secure and I’ve been hacked twice due to my negligence in securities. I’ve learned my lesson hard way, why should you? So here are some plugins to help your website.

1)  WP Security Scan – One of the best free security scan plugin available for wordpress in my opinion

2)  WordPress Firewall – Helped me survive 1000’ds of attacks!

3)  Secure WordPress – Some good security measures

Backup and Cleanup

After security my second thought is always backing up and cleaning up my wordpress blog. Backup gives me peace of mind; many times I’ve regretted not taking backups.

1)  Though I still use cronjob with custom made code, but you can try Xcloner, which have cronjob integrated in it. Generally my backups are made in separate server automatically at the end of the day but you can do local backups also.

2)  Akismet + WP Optimize – This is one combination I cannot live without, greatly helps me, one separated proper comments from spam (akismet) another helps me optimize and delete the database tables along with those spam comments in a single step.

Caching and speeding up

This is one of the topic which I have discussed earlier in separate article where I have experimented with several techniques, but in general you can use the following plugins.

1)  W3 Total Cache – Excellent caching plugin with lots of features and best of all its Free!

2)  Smush.It – Image Compression plugin using Yahoo api, helps saving lots of bandwidth.

Managing Blog and SEO

The plugins listed here are based on my preferences and helps in faster posting and blogging.

1)  All in One SEO – My favourite SEO plugin available for free.

2)  Hunk External Links – adds nofollow to external links.

3)  Related Post (YARPP) – name says it all

4)  Google XML Sitemap – for SEO pupose

And Most Unknown and one my favourite

Görsel Koru : Automatic adding of  site name over hot linked images which helps me advertising my site for free!

PS: don’t forget to let us know your favourite and must install plugins lists.