WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform, infact I think it’s one of the greatest products internet has produced so far. WordPress has great flexibility and functionality, so it can be integrated into many other things according to the users needs, and best of all the script comes for free, which is the best news.

It’s become a defacto to see wordpress as only a blogging platform, but you’d be surprised to know that it can be converted into almost anything just with a addition of plugin. Infact this site uses wordpress which have been modified to use it as a review website.

WordPress Into Job Board

WordPress can be easily transformed into full-fledged job board using JobPress theme by DailyWP. With easy management, integrated paypal support, multilingual support and loads of other features is indeed a great theme. Downside being it costs $79. Another alternative is Jobroller in same price.

WordPress into CRM

Customer Relations Managements ins a big term and an important aspect of your business even if you have a small business, You’d always want to have a good Management system, so your leads are not wasted. There are several Plugins which can be used to integrate CRM into wordpress.

WordPress into Ecommerce Site

Though there are full-fledged ecommerce solutions available for free, if you are familier with wordpress interface and already have a wordpress where you wan’t to integrate ecommerce you may want to look into some wordpress solutions. The best of them all is WP-Ecommerce plugin which is free and bolts right on with wordpress.

WordPress into Social Network

Oh yes, it can be turned into social network too! Infact already integrated with BuddyPress is already used by some big sites. Is has some great features like private messaging, friend connections, blogging, activity streams, forums all built-in, even it can be further extended by plugins!

WordPress into Twitter Clone

WordPress can even be turned into twitter clone, though not full-fledged but at least its close. This can be done using a theme called Prologue which is available for free. Also P2 is another alternative plugin which can be installed for such functionality.

  • Prologue [Demo]
  • P2 [Demo]
  • LiveTweet [Demo]
  • Conversate

WordPress into Flash Content Admin

This is one of the most unique ways I have come across so far which is actually very much usable, Press2Flash plugin provides a way to communicate between flash and wordpress, which enables wordpress to manage the content of flash based website, I’m sure I’ll be sieng some great uses of this in future, with admin flash programmers can now focus more on front end.

WordPress into Classifieds Website

Classifieds are growing this days with craiglist, oddle etc, and instead of creating your ownframework, you can use wordpress to create your classifieds website in a jiffy using some freely or commercially available available wordpress plugins and themes.

WordPress into Automated Gallery

Anywordpress theme can be converted into full fledged autogallery site with PhotoQ which in my opinion is best photogallery plugin for wordpress, it had highly advanced features like setting up cron, getting custom exif data, auto resizing etc, it can be used to create any photoblogging site easily.

WordPress into Bugtracker

Quality Control theme can turn a wordpress site into basic ticketing system with milestones, categories, and tags etc. Though I don’t find it to be a total solution, but its good for showcasing what can be achieved using wordpress.

WordPress into Q/A Website

WP-Answers are a premium plugin which allows wordpress to be converted into Q/A site just like Yahoo Answers. Users can ask questions and get answers. It also auto generate content from yahoo answers.

Bonus !!

There are many other functions WordPress can be used as, its not possible for me to cover all those functions, but I have tried to list some of the additional ones below.

Let us know if you know any such plugin or theme which changes wordpress drastically.