Spams are the most annoying things ever invented over the internet. Nobody likes them yet there presence is very evident and strongly felt. Spams are bulk of irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent to a large numbers of recipients over the internet. It is considered to be electronic junk mail that is received unsolicited from random senders. Spams are very common to emails.


However, when it comes to WordPress, Spams should be handled differently. Nowadays, determining the fake from the real ones, and vice versa, can be quite difficult and challenging. Spams have become more intelligent as of the moment. Other people would even go through the hassle of using money from their own pockets to pay people to carry out a sneakier spam approach. All of this, just to successfully spam people with their own motives. Therefore, some of the pings and comments can easily avoid being trashed.

So how do we boost our page in such a way that we minimize spams and hopefully get rid of it in order to have a better page? Internet will offer you countless amount of possibilities but the best answer should be, learning about Spam Blocking plugin. There are numerous of Spam Blocking plugin that will surely outsmart the tactics and techniques of these annoying spammers.  In a more specific note, Akismet is known to be one of the best Spam Blocking Plugins specially created for blogs.


Akismet stands for Automattic Kismet. It is a spam filtering service that attempts to block spams for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Aksimet combines all information about spams taken from all participating blogs, then use those spam rules in order to block and stop future spams from happening. Akismet was created by Automattic, which is a web development corporation founded last August 2005 under WordPress. Having 303 employees working for the company, they have released a few numbers of projects like online proofreading tool, anti-comment spam system, forum software, RSS feed aggregator, file sharing application and many more useful blog-based or blog-oriented projects.

Two months after the company started, it launched Akismet on October 25, 2005. For the years that Akismet has tried to be of service to a million bloggers, it has captured and eradicated over 100 billion spams – both for comments and pings.

In order for successful results, Akismet uses an algorithm to analyse comments and pingbacks being submitted or posted onto your website or blog, then automatically sort through the chaos in order to make sense of which ones are worth keeping and which ones are worthy to be dumped into your trash bin. This tool will surely eliminate and remove about 99% of the effort most people would exert in manually removing and sorting spams.

Akismet vs. Others

Before trying to compare Akismet to other plugins, let us talk about how important it is to acquire or use a soma blocker. Every blog website should always have a spam blocker plugin. No one is exempted to get the spam blocker plugin since every blogger out there is always in potential risks of spam attacks. Not only do spams give you eyesore, it could totally hurt the SEO techniques and tactics you’ve been working hard on to put in your page. Spams can totally blow all your efforts to optimize and increase traffic in your website page. Indeed, spam is considered to be a large number in the internet world. Although it is not as crucial as identity theft or cyber bullying, spam should also be given equal importance – same as how we give attention to the previous-mentioned internet issues. By not doing anything to block these irritating spams, you are letting the possibility of spams being spread more vastly than you think.

Of course, there are other available spam blocking plugins over the internet other than Akismet. However, there are reasons why a million of users prefer Akismet over others. For starters, since Automattic is under WordPress, the reputation of the company has already proven itself.

As mentioned above, Automattic has created numerous well-known WordPress products and services. Automattic projects include bbPress,, Cloudup, Gravatar, PollDaddy,, and VideoPress. Some of the employees in the said company are held responsible for some updates that WordPress goes through every few months.

Another reason why you should choose Akismet over other spam blocking plugins is, it totally works! With Akismet, you can make sure that the plugin is a hundred percent efficient and functional. The algorithm created for Akismet makes sure that all aspects of the content should be considered in order to handle them accordingly.

Although there will be times that contents will be considered to be spam-filled, this is perfectly normal. If this occurs, you can easily retrieve the well-meaning comment from your spam folder and move it out manually. This action will be picked up by Akismet and will try to learn from the actions in order to avoid further occurrence in the future.

Installing and Activating Akismet

In your WordPress account, try to explore your cPanel. Chances are, your Akismet plugin is already installed and is just waiting for activation. If you cannot find the plugin anywhere else, then you can make a simple search for it. In order to search for new plugins, go to Plugins area and click “Add New” in your dashboard. After clicking the button, type the name of the plugin in the search bar.

After successfully installing Akismet, click onto the option bar in order to activate the plugin. In order to be able to successfully activate your Akismet plugin, you must have your API key before anything else. In order to have access on your API key depends on some factors.

If you are a Jetpack Plugin user, the steps in activating or getting your API key will be of no issue. With Jetpack plugin, there will be an option for you to use the email address connected to your Jetpack in order to activate you Akismet. Simply click on “Use This Email Address” for easier and hassle free Akismet activation. By clicking on it, your API key will be automatically added to the rightful fields. As a result, you can then proceed with setting up a Free Personal Akismet account for personal and non-business blogs or websites.

However, for the non-Jetpack users, we may have a little different path to follow when it comes to setting up your Akismet plugin.

Just like what we did for the Jetpackers, Go to “Installed Plugins” in order to activate Akismet. A large green bar saying that you need to activate your Akismet account will automatically pop up. Click on that green bar. You will find another area in the settings that will give you an option that says “Get your API key”. Once you click this button, it will redirect you to Akismet Homepage for WordPress. Quickly press on the blue button that says “GET AN AKISMET API KEY.”

By clicking the blue button, you need to have a WordPress account in order to be able to sign up for an Akismet account. Just fill out all the required fields and then click on the “Sign Up” button in order to proceed with the next step.

For the next step, you will be given three choices of type of subscription that you would want for your Akismet plugin.

Given the three types of subscription, people’s first reaction would be to close all the opened windows and forget about installing and activating this plugin. However, a few of them know that they could still use the plugin for free despite the fact that it is a premium plugin. For Business website, Akismet will cost you $5 per month. This would be perfect for website used for commercial, business, and professional schemes. For Enterprise, it would cost you $50 per month. This will perfectly suit websites that highlights publishing agencies, hosts, and universities. This subscription will allow the user access to unlimited commercial sites, 80,000 checks per network and high priority for customer support. The same perks goes for Business subscription except that they are only allowed to access the plugin in just one commercial site.

However, if you want to set up Akismet for personal and non-profit type of website, you can choose the Personal Subscription option. Unlike Enterprise Subscription, Personal Subscription is only unlimited to non-commercial sites and has a standard priority to customer support.

Once you chose to sign up for a Personal Subscription option, the page will bring you to a payment page that will serve as your payment method for your subscription. Automatically, the price of Kismet is set to $36 per year. You can see it in the area where the question “WHAT IS AKISMET WORTH TO YOU?”

If you are a little low on cash and you do not have any means of getting this amount in order to pay for your Akismet subscription, you have the option to change the button of the lever. Feel free to slide the button or point to the far left which will give you an amount of zero. For the last step, just complete the empty fields with the appropriate and correct answers. If you are done with this step, click on CONTINUE and this will show a new popup in a new window. This new window popup will contain your new API key. Just hover your mouse over the API Key and copy it, go back to your WordPress dashboard and access you Akismet settings area. Paste your new API key in the designated area where it was first asked for. After doing so, hit save and you finally have a fully installed and activated Akismet plugin.

Even though this article shows how you can use the plugin for free, it would do the developers a big favour if you try to continue using Akismet for a very reasonable price. $6 will not be that expensive once you are used with the convenience brought to you by the plugin. The starting price is definitely worth it like how much you love to spend a few dollars for your favourite venti-sized caffeinated drink. By showing support to the developers, you can also contribute in the possibility of using these funds to develop more useful plugins that will definitely make a huge difference and give an enormous amount of comfort in the blogging industry.

Of course you are can still run your blog site even though you do not download Akismet. It is not a requirement after all. However, given the fact that it will save your countless amount of time in sorting the necessary and relevant comments and pings differently to those of irrelevant and unhelping spams, you might want to change your mind about getting this plugin. If you do not accept comments on your website, then you really do not have the need to install and activate Akismet. However, what good is a blog site if you will not let your readers and viewers share a little of portion their minds and share pieces of advice in your comment box? With this given situation, you cannot control who can and cannot post a comment in your blog site. There will be online marketers that will be posting irrelevant home and living advertisements to your sports-based blog site. You can simply adjust the level of strictness for your sorting in order to monitor some other indirectly and possibly relevant comments. Therefore, let Akismet do the dirty work for you.

If you still want to filter the comments being sorted by Akismet, you can choose to review them every 15 daysOtherwise, you can just go with the flow and let the system work on its mysterious ways of keeping your comment box and pings clean of unworthy and irrelevant spams. After a few months or a few years, you will come to realize how right you were in installing and activating Akismet in your WordPress Blog site because Akismet will give you the statistics that will let you track the amount of spams that the plug in has removed and sorted.