WordPress is a fun tool and have almost everything you ever desire. I have decorated my WordPress website for Christmas with some fun WordPress plugins. You should also celebrate with your users and show your affection for them with these 8 amazing free plugins. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Countdown Clock

Christmas countdown clock will show days and hours until Christmas day. You can select from several designs, sizes, animations and backgrounds.

Fancy Events Plugin

Fancy Events is a HTML5 plugin to celebrate an event in a fun way, it will decorate your WordPress website with a cascade of images that fall from above.

Christmas Countdown Widget

The Christmas Countdown Widget displays a cute Santa Claus counting down to Christmas in your sidebar. On Christmas day Santa displays a “Merry Christmas” greeting to your visitors. Since the countdown automatically updates each year and starts the countdown over again on the day after Christmas, you can leave it in your sidebar all year round if you want!

WP Christmas

This plugin create Christmas snowman and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This plugin will also add beautiful falling snow flakes on the blogs.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas! Santa is flying here with gifts, happiness, candies and snow and much, much more. Come on in and check this out!

Christmas Advent Calendar

The Christmas Advent Calendar widget grabs all Christmas advent calendars from julekalender.com and makes them available to you and your users!

Xmas Snow

This plugin will add a nice looking animated Xhristmas(Christmas) Snow to the top of site.

Xmas Lights

This plugin will add a nice looking animated Xhristmas(Christmas) Lights to the top of site.