RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. RSS is a web feed format used to publish updated web contents to a variety of people around the world. They are provided by bloggers, news publishers are other popular sites to update their users without the hassle of connecting to them. WordPress is a popular blogging platform on the web and there are hundreds of plugins for RSS feeds. Here i am writing about 10 of the most powerful and useful WordPress plugins for RSS feeds. All the below plugins are updated and will work with the latest version of WordPress.

1. Blogroll Widget With RSS Feeds:

This WordPress Widget allows you to display the recent posts of your blogroll links via RSS Feeds as a sidebar widget. The Plugin works without Javascript and without AJAX. It uses the WordPress standard links database and honors the visible and target settings as defined for each link. The Plugin is easy to install, the Widget is simple to use and highly customizable. You can simply switch on / off, select or type in the various configurations and settings.

2. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription:

This WordPress Plugin allows you to present a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription option to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option. If your site covers multiple topics then your subscribed readers may get annoyed when you update your site with content that they are not interested in and they get a notification in their RSS reader. So topic/category specific subscription option, is a choice specially when the site covers multiple topics and you don’t like to be hammered with all the unwanted content updates.

3. Continuous RSS Scrolling:

This plugin will scroll the RSS title continuously in the wordpress website, we can use this plugin as a widget to scroll the rss news.


  1. Easy installation.
  2. Widgets, so you can add pretty much anything.
  3. Easy scroller setting.

4. RSS Image Feed:

The RSS Image Feed doesn’t create a feed of images, but ataches the first image of the post to your feeds. Normally only the content has images showing. With this plugin there will be a clickable image even in the excerpt and in the content there will be only one image instead of all the images of the post.

5. RSS Importer:

RSS importer is one of the best plugin which import posts from an RSS feed and show them on your blog.

6. RSS Includes Pages:

Modifies RSS feeds so that they include pages and not just posts. Deactivating the plugin restores RSS feeds to their default state. Including pages in your feed is particularly useful if you’re using WordPress as a CMS where pages represent a good portion of your content.

7. RSS Just Better:

It displays a list of feed items from a given feed URL. You can select cache recreation frequency, the number of displayable news and whether you want publication date, time, an excerpt and reference to the author displayed or not. You can also choose to have a ordered (numbered) or unordered (bullet-point) list and to open a new windows or not, when clicking on the linked items.

8. RSS Manager:

This plugin gives you the ability to change the appearance of your RSS feed. You can easily add images from custom fields, read more link, category list, tag list and any custom code before or after the feed items. Also, the plugin allows you to delay feed publication for several minutes. It is helpful, when you made some mistake and you will have time to fix it before the post went to RSS and all other services like facebook or twitter.

9. Super RSS Reader:

Super RSS Reader is jQuery based RSS reader widget, which displays the RSS feeds in the widget in an attractive way. It uses the jQuery easy ticker plugin to add a news ticker like effect to the RSS feeds. Multiple RSS feeds can be added for a single widget and they get seperated in tabs. The plugin is fully customizable with external styles and with some inbuilt color styles.

10. WP RSS Images:

Simple plugin that allows to include the images into your wordpress rss, rss2. The plugin use the post/page thumbnail or the firt attached image to the post/page gallery.