Twitter is the pioneer of micro blogging and one of the most popular social media network today. Twitter has 140 million active users and if you want your website to be popular then you must connect with twitter for sure. There are hundreds of plugins and widgets to connect your website with twitter. In this article i compiled 10 best twitter plugins for latest WordPress 3.3. Enjoy and have fun!

1. Simple Twitter Connect:

Simple Twitter Connect is a series of plugins that let you add any sort of Twitter functionality you like to a WordPress blog. This lets you have an integrated site without a lot of coding, and still letting you customize it exactly the way you’d like.

2. Twitter Bird on Site:

This plugin gives an flying twitter bird in your blog. If you move the mouse over the bird, a “tweet this” and displays a “follow me” button. The bird found itself as the “follow me” link on the Twitter account.

3. Twitter Blackbird Pie:

Add awesome looking embedded HTML representations of actual tweets in your blog posts just by adding simple shortcodes.


  • Exact same look and feel as the respective Twitter profile.
  • Stores the generated HTML in a custom field (if possible), so the Twitter API is only called the first time.
  • The Custom fields used to store the tweet are hidden.
  • Slightly better styling than the original Blackbird Pie.
  • Better use of the Twitter profile background image and color and tiling.

4. Twitter Fans (Like Box for Twitter):

This plugin lets you display your twitter followers in the sidebar (or anywhere else in the theme). The display is similar to Facebook’s Like Box. You can either drag or drop the widget onto a sidebar.

5. Twitter Goodies:

This plugin shows your twitter profile/search tweets under Sidebar Area (Widget), Post and/or Pages. Tweets will refresh automatically. Also it has reply option inside widget on mouse over action.

6. Twitter Plugin:

Twitter plugin allows you to add follow button in the most easily and flexible way.

7. Twitter Tools:

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

8. WordPress Dashboard Twitter:

WordPress Dashboard Twitter is a Dashboard Widget that displays Twitter @replies, direct messages, sent messages, Retweets, Friends Timeline and favorites the convenient way within your WordPress Dashboard. WordPress Dashboard Twitter turns your Dashboard into a Twitter client.

9. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS:

It’s a CSS and Javascript framework that helps boost your site design and functionality quickly.


  • Works with any WordPress Theme without ever editing Theme files and NO programming needed.
  • Now fully customizable with built-in LESS Compiler.
  • Handy WordPress [SHORTCODES] to add Twitter Bootstrap elements to your site quickly.
  • Add your own custom CSS reset file.

10. WP to Twitter:

WP to Twitter posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using your URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter. The plugin supports a default Tweet template for updating or editing posts and pages, supports your custom post types.