Building brands has been the main source of the company’s energy in order to be successful. We recognize them by the sound it makes when we pronounce the brand name, or simply by their logo. We make sure that we are updated with the current trends from these companies, to the extent that we share whatever relevant content they have in their websites and networks.

However, building brands is not just exclusive for corporate companies. In fact, everyone is entitled to have their personal brand if they want to do so. Building a personal brand is something that happens naturally online. However, the quality between personal and corporate brands are quite different. Therefore, you have to learn how to use the tools and techniques that these businesses use in order to build a brand that is of high quality.

Fundamentals of Branding

Try to put your shoes in other people’s shoes. How do you think would your viewers react or respond to your brand? Bear in mind that you are also trying to attract potential clients with your brand. Therefore, you should also take in consideration how your client would feel towards your brand. In starting your brand, make sure to think about your name and URL, what type of service you would like to offer to your prospective clients, your portfolio that will showcase your products or the services that you will be offering, your website, your “’About Me’ page, your connections, your email URL, and lastly, your Bio.

Check Your Online Presence


Admit it, you have Googled yourself more than once! Everybody on the internet does that! This time, if you try to search for yourself on Google again, make it more productive. Use Google to monitor and audit your online presence. This will give you an idea pf your current status. Use this as your staring point in trying to build your personal brand. Make sure that your online presence will be felt by turning on notifications when others mention and you and by responding to things that needs clarification professionally.

Your WordPress Website

In creating a personal branded website, your URL should contain the most obvious and most important part of your brand, your name. Try to get a ‘.com’ for your URL because you could also use this as your email address.

  • Your Design

Make sure to use a design that is both aesthetically appealing and at the same time fully functional. Never sacrifice functionality over style. There should be a balance between the two.

  • Logo

A logo is an important element of your brand. This is how your brand will be identified. Look at the famous brands, like the famous triangle from Guess, and that specific Coca Cola font. This will make the clients recognize your brand immediately.

  • Color Scheme

In connection to your logo, the colors that will dominate your website page will also contribute to the entire atmosphere that your website will radiate. This will say a lot about your brand. Therefore, use a color scheme that will help your clients associate the color to your personal brand.

Contribute Topics and Contents that are Relevant

relevant topics

Please take note that you are opting to have a personal business and a personal brand. Therefore, resist the urge to write about anything that is irrelevant from your business or from your brand. Never even attempt to rant about how the guy refused to help you with your bags when you were at the station. Always write topics and articles about specific concepts that others will find informational and interesting. Always give your readers a feeling of excitement whenever they try to revisit your website. More importantly, give them reasons to revisit your website.

Portfolio – Showcasing your Output


In WordPress, you have the chance to include samples of your work. You can create a portfolio that will showcase your masterpieces. In this way, your prospect clients will be able to assess and appreciate your outputs.

Your portfolio can be created in different ways. You can make a gallery wherein you can upload photos, audio files and videos about your work. Another choice is making a list of samples with links. Using your featured slider, you can feature one of your art work on your homepage. This will be the main attraction of your website page.

In order to do this easier, use a WordPress theme with a portfolio theme. However, if you are comfortable with your original theme, you can also use a plugin that will provide your needed features.

Provided Services


Given that you have a portfolio to showcase your artwork and output, do not forget to make a page that will also tell your future clients about the services that you are offering. You can use a theme that has built in services page, or use a plugin that does the same feature.

Using Social Media


Of course people love to surf social networking sites nowadays. Therefore, take advantage of this phenomenon. Connect your website to influential social media like Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Make sure that your activities will reach a wide pool of people and you can achieve this by indulging in social media.

Your Bio / About Me

Do not forget to place your bio or About Me page at the end of your website. Again, emphasis on the end of your website. Nobody wants to visit your website just to read your bio. Unless of course if you are a significant person and that website is dedicated for your autobiography. Your bio should contain important details about you as a service provider – including information about who you are and what you do, and how long have you been studying or doing your craft.

Contact Information

Remember the email address you created when you were fifteen? Nope, do not ever think of using that as one of your means of contact. Use links to your other websites, and email address that projects professionalism in them. In order to have a better looking contact information page, you can use a widget.


WordPress is indeed a remarkable and useful tool in building your brand, may it be for professional or personal use. It is just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the different themes and plugin tools that WordPress provides. If you know the basics of WordPress, then everything will be possible! Have fun creating your own personal branding with WordPress!

Easy Steps in Building Your Personal Branding with WordPress0Jennifer Sandra2015-04-11 07:12:01Building brands has been the main source of the company’s energy in order to be successful. We recognize them by the sound it makes when we pronounc…