Last September 30, 2014, Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft’s Technical Previews of Windows 10 exclusively for desktops, as well as laptops. For this year, Microsoft has decided to open its Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones this coming Thursday, February 19, 2015. This is considered to be the earliest available preview that Windows has done in public, so far. This technical preview is focused on mobile handsets in the midrange and lower-end levels. Because of this, a lot of early adopters are disappointed with their hopes of getting to try out Window 10 Technical Preview.

For now, only six handset models will be able to download the said Technical Preview. These handset models are namely Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638 and Lumia 830. According to Gabe Aul, the engineering general manager, they are starting only with a limited number of mobile devices for the said Microsoft 10 Technical Preview. Configurations are supported for the said mobile handsets around the globe except for China. They will be the ones that will not be able to access the technical preview of Windows 10.

phoneIf you liked the Technical preview of Microsoft 10 for desktops, you will surely experience the same with this one. Just like the OS for laptops and desktops, Microsoft 10 for phones also tried to exploit the advantages of having a touch screen. Still having the expandable set of convenient buttons in the setting, you can enjoy editing or customizing your profile settings and apps.

Of course, if iPhone has Siri, Microsoft has their own Cortana. Expect this lovely lady to assist you on how to use Windows 10. This voice-driven assistant is very well integrated into the handset’s interface. In order to easily access Cortana, you can just tap the microphone icon and talk to her directly. You also have a very casual choice that only includes you saying, “Hey Cortana” and this will surely bring Cortana alive and ready to assist you.

The search results in Cortana will include everything in your mobile device – from contacts, to web pages, to messages and most importantly, to apps. Moreover, you can also make more specific tasks with Cortana by giving out more specific directions like “Cortana, call mom”. Unfortunately, you can’t let Cortana make you breakfast for you and that is why you need Cortana to dial you mom’s mobile number for you. However, Cortana for Windows 10 phones are only limited to features only spoken or written in English. Cortana is not yet catering instructions spoken other languages.

Better news for people who are very attached to their emails, The Office apps are built in Windows 10 phones. Microsoft was able to shrink the entire Office ribbon into small screens that will perfectly fit your smaller screen for a better integrated interface. This includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. In order to open these apps, the user has to open the app from the bottom of the screen. Plus, users will surely experience a full range of features. Just like creating an Office file on your desktop or laptop, Windows 10 in your phone will also allow you to perform the same tasks by using your mobile device. In addition, there is also an IP-based messaging from Skype and Outlook that is integrated into you Messages and messaging experience.outlook

Another feature of the Windows 10 phone is the unlimited and endless scroll agenda. This scrolling device will allow you to see a list of you events in your calendar without cutting the pages. Moreover, you can still either zoom in or out in order to choose how many days or weeks you wanted to view. Windows 10 will also allow you to organize you events in a well-fashioned manner by allowing you to use customized colors in your categories or entries.

For you messages, Microsoft 10 provides its users with one pane view for the inbox. Flagging and deleting messages are made easy by easy swipe gestures. If you swipe to the right, it will flag the chosen message and if you decide to swipe to the opposite direction, it will give you the choice to delete the message. These additional functions will surely make you have an easier way of managing your inbox. It will help you save more time and effort in trying to clean your inbox and trying to remember that one particular message by flagging it in your inbox.

For the photos, it has a particular feature which does not let you tag photos. This will remind the users of Live Photo Gallery. The photos are automatically arranged in groups depending on the date that the photo was taken. Moreover, if the photos were geotagged by your phone, it will automatically belong to a curated album based on location. The good thing about Windows phone is, what it lacks in photo tagging, they make up for in photo editing. Microsoft has a promising photo editing features that automatically enhances photos and saving the enhanced photos in your phone then uploading the original and low-quality photos to OneDrive – this way saving extra space only for the best quality photos that your phone will take. So you can say goodbye to your crappy photos and be confident with the ones left or saved in your phone for having the best and highest quality that would almost reach a professional photographer’s portfolio or gallery.

In a total different note, Microsoft equipped Windows Phone with five different phone navigation apps and combined them in one coherent app that will allow you to search for places, acquire information about the distance or best means of transportation towards your destination, transportation routes, and traffic status. With this special feature of Windows 10 handset, you can save yourself from downloading different and various apps because Windows has provided an all-in-one solution for that. This is one of the services that will be provided to you by Cortana which means, yes, this can also be voice-controlled.

Some other features that Aul and Joe Belfiore highlighted in the upcoming Windows 10 phones are a full-size background image that will let you enjoy the entirety of the image in your screen. You will also have more “quick actions” which means that you can immediately react with the notifications without leaving your current page, by easily swiping down from the top of your screen, you can already access a number of new quick actions in your new Windows 10 phone which means that there will be more options for your fingertips to press just like turning your VPN on or off. It has a better speech-to-text functionality which means that the new Windows 10 phone will definitely provide you with a more precise transcription of your words and automatically type it in your message box. It also has an innovated “toast” notifications which will allow the user to reply to texts by accessing the toast notification by pulling down the notified new message. If you have an app open, there will be no need for you to change from one app to your inbox just to reply to a message. This new notification banner will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your currently running app, stay on that page and at the same time send a reply by interacting with the notification panel above your screen.

Since it is a new technology in the market, we cannot deny the fact that there are minor glitches with this innovation. According to Microsoft, they needed to limit and downgrade some of the features of the Windows Phone 10. One of its examples is the limited access of Cortana for US-only or English only feature. Furthermore, they also mentioned that the new Microsoft Phone has minor hefty glitches and bugs. This includes VPN functionality which does not work at times, alarms that fail to synchronize, and cellular data being not able to give you the most internet experience in your mobile handset. Another problem with Windows 10 is that additional language for keyboards is not available due to its exclusivity for US based upgrades like in Cortana. There will also be times that photo upload will fail if you try to upload them by using OneNote or Facebook. Even trying to set lock screen photo will also fail at times. Moreover, not all languages are supported by Windows 10. Only a few common languages are supported by Windows 10 and those languages are: Arabic, German, Spanish (Spanish & Mexico/Latin America), Catalan, Hindi, Czech, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Thai, English (UK & US), Korean, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Polish, Turkish, Finnish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French (Canada & France), Russian, and Simplified Chinese (China).

If you are convinced that it is completely worth it to try the new Windows 10 OS despite the given bugs and hitches in the software, then you should just take the leap and open yourself for new experiences. However, there is no need to worry if ever you feel like getting back to your old OS because people who will try the Technical Preview will surely be able to get back to their previous running OS in case it will burn down to the ground. Therefore, this explains why there are only a few phones that can try out the new OS. Windows Phone invented a Recovery Tool that will restore the previous settings in case if the user changes preferences.

The main reason they are offering the new OS to only a limited number of handset models is, they wanted to avoid hardware and board support package issues. They wanted to have a stable running OS before actually trying to give out everything. That is why Microsoft wanted to start with only a small subset of devices. In addition, Microsoft also chose to target the middle-ranged phones because they were avoiding the higher end phones due to a new feature called “Partition stitching”. In partition stitching, phones are allowed to adjust OS partitions in order to provide enough space for installment of OS update in-place. For now, Windows settle for devices that was automatically configured to have sufficient space OS partitions that will allow the said in-place upgrade. However, this does not mean that Windows 10 will need a lot of disk space for its installation, compared to that of Windows 8.1. It just serves as an upgrade function for now. Once Microsoft is through with partition stitching feature, other mobile handsets will be able to support and install the new Windows 10.

If ever you have decided to download the new technical preview, bear in mind that the new Operating System will have the atmosphere of incompleteness. However, rest assured that even Windows is not worried about these minor glitches that may come in their way. They all know that they are trying their hardest to be able to deliver the best service for their clients and customers. For them, it is just a minor step that they have to go through in order to attain their goal for the final product. For now, they are focusing more on platform development rather than the completion of UI this is why the changes and improvements are not clearly visible. However, just like in any other building blocks, these are the basic foundation of the innovation that will represent the majority of the work needed in order to create more advanced features for the new Operating System. In due time, Windows will be able to release a fully functional Operating system wherein there will be no more bugs and glitches, smooth running apps that will function faultlessly for every device having the same operating system, and reliable and steady manageability of the mobile device.

Indeed, Microsoft is trying to prove its competitiveness in the market by providing its consumers a lot of notable upgrades, updates, and innovations. This new Technical Preview for Microsoft 10 for phones is of no exception. So if you love to try the latest buzz in technology, you should definitely mark your calendar and wait for the release of the New Microsoft Windows 10 for Phones!

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