Most people would love to start a blog or a website but are afraid to undergo the complex process of making it. Some of them would resort to hiring a professional web designer to do the job for them. However, we all know that this will be costly. So here is a list of instructions that will help you make a website. We also provided some definition of terms that are commonly used in making a website, but are often times misunderstood.

Sign up for website hosting

To start with, you should look for a host and sign up for an account. Most of the common hosts are Blue Host, DreamHost, A Small Orange and FatCow. Most hosts would oftentimes charge you with 3-4$ every month. As of now, DreamHost is offering a package of 11$ for the entire year. Take your time on deciding which host to use. Always bear in mind that your web hosting company should be simple and reliable. Even though it offers a cheaper price compared to other web hosting companies, always check on the efficiency and competence of your chosen web host company. Always read the comments and testimonials because more often than not, these comments are real coming from real people. Just do not hesitate to do your own research and scrutinize every choice you have.

After deciding on your host, make a domain that will perfectly suit the entirety of your future website. In case you are confused what a domain is, it is the name of the Internet address of a website. In order to have an effective domain name, stick to the simple and clear domain names. Too much fancy details make it difficult to memorize and access. However, you must keep in mind that your domain name should be unique because the internet cannot accept any duplication in domain names.

Website Design

We all heard about WordPress and how useful it is in providing designs or ready-made templates for you to make a website. WordPress is exceedingly suitable for beginners since it provides a user-friendly interface. All the essential steps you need to undergo are all found in the Control Panel. There is no need for you to change from one tab to the other. Moreover, you don’t get to design your own layout in WordPress, rather, it will let you use a template that are widely available over the internet. Since this is a template, you cannot freely change from one theme to the other. However, you have the privilege to alter some of its major features like color schemes, background and photo header. In addition, you can access WordPress on any device you choose to use. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you will not be able to bring your laptop on a trip, you can just use your mobile device to access WordPress and start blogging in your account.

To make a website is a tedious job but you have to do it anyway. It is our way of communicating to the world and our way of expressing ourselves in our own way.

A Comprehensible Guide to make a website0Jennifer Sandra2015-01-21 05:00:53Most people would love to start a blog or a website but are afraid to undergo the complex process of making it. Some of them would resort to hiring a …