Click the arrow by your USERNAME in the top right corner.

Then click ACCOUNT.


Then, select INBOX. All messages you have sent and received will appear here along with comments, friend invites and video responses.

Go to VIDEOS, FAVORITES and PLAYLISTS. Here you can view all videos you have uploaded and favorited along with your playlists and subscriptions.

Now go to SUBSCRIPTIONS. This is where you can manage your subscriptions and see recommendations based on your browsing history.

Return to MY ACCOUNT.

Go to ADDRESS BOOK. All friends, contacts and blocked users will show up here.

Select ACCOUNT SETTINGS. An overview of your profile will be shown here along with links to manage your profile, videos, messages and more.

Go to MY CHANNEL. Edit your channel information and design here.

Now go to INSIGHT: STATISTICS AND DATA. If there is any data for your videos, it will be displayed here.

You now know how to find your way around in MY ACCOUNTS.

Finding your way around My Account on YT