If you are on the lookout for the best widgets for WordPress, then this guide might give you some ideas as to the best ones that are currently available.  There are so many to choose from and what they offer and do might not suit your every need but you might find one or two that will help you out.



This widget gives you the chance to give your readers recommendations as to what they might like to look at.  There is nothing better than feeling that someone is paying interest in what you might like to read next, a personal touch.

Random post widget 

 random post widget

This widget gives readers a random selection of articles from which they might find the gem they are looking for.  It is good for blogs that have a lot of content and gives the reader something special.

Event organizer 

 event organizer

What better way than to keep your readers or customers informed than showing when events are coming up and what will be focused on at that event?  It will make your life that little bit easier and that of your readers and customers too.

Buddypress activity tags 

 Buddypress activity tags

This widget lets you put tags and clouds into your blog.  It gives you many options and could be the perfect widget for you.

LinkedIn master 

 LinkedIn master

This allows you to connect with your LinkedIn community. Connecting them both together increases the chances of making good contacts.

Add link to Facebook

 Add link to facebook

This allows you link any posts that you have on Facebook, and show this on your blog, it is a way to pull readerships in from different places.  This can only add to your blog or web page, increased readership can mean more orders.

Amazon related products

 Amazon related products

This widget allows you to choose products that relate to what you are discussing from amazon and that can add to the amount of money you can make by using the affiliate program. This is a way that amazon will pay you so much money for sending someone to buy something from them.



This widget allows your most recent tweets to be displayed on your web page; another option to increase the traffic between the different social media sites.

Feed burner email subscription 

Feed burner email subscription

This widget allows you to really connect to your readers because every time you post something new to your blog or web page, this widget will send this information direct to your readers.

Simple popup plugin 

simple pop-up plugin

This widget allows you to create little popup windows. You either love or hate these and it will be up to the individual to see if they will benefit you and your reader.

As you can see there are many thousands of widgets that you can use on your WordPress page.  You will need to make sure that you don’t have so many widgets that can distract you and your readers from reading what you have written.