Hello! Jennifer here from Web Hosting Billboard and today I’m going to show you how to choose a theme and set it up in WordPress. For the purposes of this example we’ll be using my demo site, WHBDEMO.COM, that’s Web Hosting Billboard Demo dot com, so I can show you how to do this stuff.

Getting Started

First, log into your WordPress install; when you set up your site, you’ll receive an email from WordPress with your install information. FYI, your install is your_site_name/wp-admin (in this case whbdemo.com/wp-admin).

Selecting a Theme

Click on the APPEARANCE button. This is located on the left, middle portion of your screen. Once the ‘Change Appearance’ screen opens you’ll note “Current Theme” selected as your default theme. In this example, the current/default theme is ‘Twenty Ten 1.0.’ Notice the bottom section of the screen titled ‘Available Themes.’ If you have uploaded multiple themes, they will be listed in this area. Because I have not uploaded any other themes, this area is currently empty.

At the top of the page, you’ll notice two tabs. We are currently in the ‘Manage Themes,’ tabs. Click on the ‘Install Themes,’ tab.

In this tab you can search through the vast selection of WordPress’ themes by specifying elements like colors, width or features. Notice the handy links at the top of the page: Search, Upload, Featured, Newest and Recently Uploaded. These allow you to modify and simplify your search by restricting results. I don’t want to bother searching through all of these criteria, so let’s check out the featured themes. (Click on the ‘FEATURED’ link.)

Installing Themes

Now a page will open up with all the featured WordPress themes. Select one that appeals to you. For this example, I’ve selected Mystique. You can click on the ‘PREVIEW’ link under the theme thumbnail to see how the theme will appear once applied to your site without actually changing your site. To activate the theme, click on the ‘INSTALL’ link under the thumbnail. A pop up window will appear allowing you to confirm your decision. Click the blue “INSTALL NOW” button.

Next a screen will appear titled ‘Connection Information.’ You’ll need your FTP information. You will receive your FTP information when you sign up for hosting and receive your confirmation email. From that email you’ll need your ftp site, username and password for the Connection Information. Once you’ve filled out this page, click ‘PROCEED.’ WordPress will now install your theme.

Activating Themes

Once the theme has been installed, you’ll receive confirmation on your screen. There will be three links at the bottom of the confirmation message: Preview, Activate or Return to Theme Installer. Select the ‘ACTIVATE’ link.

Once your theme is activated you will be returned to the ‘Manage Themes’ tab. There will be two yellow notice bars across the top of your screen. The first (lower) bar alerts you that a new theme has been installed and gives you relevant information about how widgets integrate with your selected theme. The second (upper) bar informs you that the theme can be edited from the ‘Theme Settings’ page and provides a link to that page to further customize your theme.

To verify your work, click on the name of your site, located at the top left corner of your screen. This will take you to your site where you can examine your handy work.

This was just a simple tutorial on how to set up a theme on your WordPress site. I’ll be going into a lot more detail later on in my courses on tweaking and changing themes to really customize them for your business and tool your site to gain subscribers and customers.

Thanks for watching and see you soon! Peace.