If you are looking for popular Joomla templates that are free and very popular, then look no further; here is the top ten. These templates are fresh from the oven developed by popular web developers around the world.



This template is from new free designer Scott Greenwald.  He has made templates for other people but this is his first free one.  It has the different styles as well as different options in color.  The designer is passionate about his work, helping if any problems occur.

JSN mico

JSN Mico

This template looks professional, it has that special feel.  It has all that you will need from change of color to different layouts.  It seems more business orientated than a fun template.



This free and popular template seems easy to use and create using this template with the many options and designs.

Clean logic

clean logic

This template has a different feel than some of the previous examples in that it seems more directed to women.  It just has that feel and yet it has different styles and colors as well.

JSN décor

jsn decor

This is another option from JSN. This template has a very elegant business feel and one that seems easy to manipulate into something that would work for many different options.



This free template even lets you think about the different options in a very simple but clever way; it breaks down each part in the examples page so that you can fully understand how and what you are building. This will be invaluable to those new to web building.



This free template has many features and options you actually start to ask is it free, and yes it is and it is good.  The layout is beautiful and stylish and yet modern and free; it just somehow ticks all the boxes.

JA Elastic


The template will be reactive to whatever device your readers are using and this is so important in today’s market.  This design is more for a chatting blog or magazine based web page and it certainly ticks all the features that you would need to make it your own.

JA Puresite


This is another free option from JA they have focused this time on the business end of the market and have really captured it here.  It has all the features that you would need.



This free template has all the basic features and looks and feels easy to use not only for you but customers to.

As you can see there is a wide choice of many different variations of templates that are available and that are free.  This gives you the option to download the template and to get a feel for what it can offer you and if it is a good fit.  If the template doesn’t feel right then you can delete it and choose another one to see if that one works better.  The beauty is that it won’t cost you a penny to try because these templates are all free.