If you’ve watched the previous tutorial, you may be worried about your personal domain registration information being available to pretty much anyone who wants it.

Most of the popular domain registrars will allow you to purchase an add-on for your domain name called PRIVATE DOMAIN REGISTRATION or something similar.

Purchasing this can double the yearly cost of a domain name, though, so you have to decide for yourself whether the added protection is worth it.

An UNPROTECTED WHOIS RESULT can include your name, address, phone number and email address, while the PROTECTED entries will not include this information.

As you can see, these services will make the domain registration for you. This is called a PROX REGISTRATION.

One important thin you should know is that when you use a proxy registration on your domain name, the proxy company becomes the legal owner of the domain. They’ll essentially be giving you license to use it, but you won’t actually own the domain.

Proxy registration companies have also been known to occasionally give away personal information to anyone that calls and asks for it.

So, is private domain registration really worth it to you? You’ll still have to decide for yourself, but hopefully the information in this tutorial will help with that decision.

There is one more thing that you should know. PRIVATE REGISTRATION IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CERTAIN DOMAIN EXTENSIONS. Specifically, .us, and .ca extensions cannot be register through a proxy company.

Should I pay for private domain registration