Click the WYSIWYG icon for the page you wish to edit.

From here you can edit the page to suit your needs manually, that is by adding tables to organize your content, and placing your content within the cells of the table.

However, an easier way may be to choose from among several LAYOUT TEMPLATES that have already been configured.

Click the LAYOUT TEMPLATE icon.

There are several templates listed and the ability to set whether you want the page to be fixed or stretched to fit 100% of the viewers screen.

You can view a PREVIEW of the various layout templates by mousing over the choices.

Click the button below the template you want, then click SUBMIT.

When finished making your changes, be sure to click the SAVE icon.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use layout templates in RVSITEBUILDER.

REMEMBER: you must publish any changes you make to the site in order for them to take effect.

Using Layout Templates in RVSitebuilder