Click the STEP 5 SITE CONTENT option.

Click the WYSIWYG icon for the page where you want to add a table.

You’re now viewing the full featured web page editor which is used to edit the various web pages throughout your website. This is where you can create tables within a page.

First position the cursor where you want to create a table.

Then click the TABLES icon.

The screen that pops up is where you define the table, including how many rows and columns it should have, what size the table should be, spacing, attributes, background and border colors, etc.

Click OK when finished.

Once your table is created, you can start entering text or images into the table cells.

You can format text within a table the same way you would format text that is not in a table.

To merge two cells together, select the MERGE CELL icon. Answer the prompts on your pop up screen and click OK.

To insert additional rows into the table, click the corresponding INSERT ROW buttons. You can just as easily delete rows by clicking the DELETE ROW icon.

The TABLE PROPERTY icon allows you to manage the properties of individual cells, entire rows or the entire table by selecting the appropriate tab at the top of your pop up screen.

When finished making changes be sure to click the SAVE icon.

You now know how to create tables in RVSiteBuilder. Remember your changes will not take effect until you publish them!

Creating Tables in RVSiteBuilder