This tutorial assumes you already have RVSiteBuilder open in your browser.


Click the WYSIWYG icon on the page you wish to edit.

This is the full featured web page editor which is used to edit the various web pages throughout your website, and is where you have to create and edit your hyperlinks.

First, select the text you wish to apply a hyperlink to.

Next, click the HYPERLINK icon.

A HYPERLINK window will open. This is where you can define several types.

You can define hyperlinks that define hyperlinks that jump to another place in the same web page, send emails to a predefined email address, jump to other places within your website or you can define an external hyperlink all by selecting the appropriate “LINK TO” button along the left hand side of the HYPERLINK window.

To set up an EXTERNAL hyperlink, type the URL address in the ADDRESS box.

Click the green arrow to preview the website and ensure you’ve entered the address  correctly.

Now enter a TITLE for the link.

Now choose how you’d like the link to be DISPLAYED.

Click OK when finished.

Your HYPERLINK is now setup and can be seen in the editor.

You can also set up links to internal documents or media (like a PDF or MP3 file) by clicking the MEDIA LINK icon.

From the pop up window, you can upload documents or media files and HYPERLINK to them.

You can also create HYPERLINKS for IMAGES so that when an image is click, the user is taken to another page or website.

To REMOVE a hyperlink, simply HIGHLIGHT the link and click the BREAK LINK icon.

When finished making changes, be sure to click the SAVE icon. Remember you have to publish any changes you make for them to take effect.

Creating Hyperlinks in RVSiteBuilder