This tutorial assumes you already have RVSiteBuilder open in your browser.

To create a photo album, click the STEP FOUR PAGE STRUCTURE option.

Select the PHOTO ALBUM option then click to add it to your page structure.

Click SAVE.

On the SITE CONTENT PAGE click, click the icon in the MANAGE column, to edit the album you just added.

This is the PHOTO ALBUM SYSTEM CONFIGURATION PAGE where you define how your photo album is to be setup.

Set the parameters of your photo album by filling out the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION options on the page.

Click SAVE when finished.

Now click the PHOTO MANAGEMENT tab.

From here you can create directories to organize photos and upload photos into those directories.

To create a directory, fill in the box next to the CREATE DIRECTORY BUTTON.


To navigate to your new directory, click on its name under the FILE NAME column.

To upload photos, click the BROWSE buttons and select files from your hard drive that you wish to upload.

When ready, click the UPLOAD FILES button.

You can also enter a CUSTOM HEADER and FOOTER for the photo album.

To do so, click on the EDIT HEADER or EDIT FOOTER links on the top left corner of your screen and use the text box that appears to enter your desired information.

To preview your photo album, click the SITE PREVIEW button at the top right corner of your screen.

Remember you have to publish any changes you make for them to take effect.

Creating a Photo Album in RVSiteBuilder