This tutorial assumes you have already logged into RVSiteBuilder.

Click on the STEP FIVE –SITE CONTENT option.

Click the WYSIWYG icon for the page where you wish to add a form.

This is a full featured web page editor where you can edit the various web pages throughout your site. This is where you can insert forms.

First place the cursor in the location you wish to add a form.

Then click the FORMS icon.

From the next screen, you can choose a pre-made form template or choose to create your own custom form.

If you select a pre-made form, you will immediately see a preview of what the form will look like. From this page you can change certain PROPERTIES that will define the way our form will look.

Click the NEXT button.

Now, enter the EMAIL ADDRESS where the form submissions are to be delivered.

Next, enter the EMAIL SUBJECT and THANK YOU MESSAGE in the corresponding boxes.


When finished making changes, be sure to click the SAVE icon.

To see what your new page will look like, click the SITE PREVIEW button at the top right of your screen.

Remember that you must publish your page for the changes to take effect.

Creating a form within a page in RVSiteBuilder