This tutorial assumes you have already logged into RVSiteBuilder.

Click the STEP FOUR – PAGE STRUCTURE option.

You are now viewing the PAGE STRUCTURE PAGE which allows you to define exactly what pages are to be included in your website.


Here you can choose from a number of different starting points that will populate your page structure with the most commonly used pages.

Click the DOUBLE ARROW to move the entire list of suggested pages to your list of pages to be included. Note that clicking the single arrow will only move one page at a time.

You can further customize your list of pages by reposition the order of the pages by clicking on the page name and using the MOVE UP AND MOVE DOWN ARROWS to reorder pages.

To make a page into a SUB-PAGE of another (and thus have it display on a sub-menu), select the page and then click the LOWER LEVEL link.

Clicking the UPPER LEVEL link moves the page back to the same menu level of the other pages.

To rename a page, click the RENAME link, and enter the desired name in the pop up window.

To delete a page, click the DELETE link.

To add a page, click the ADD NEW PAGE link and enter the page name in the pop up window.

When satisfied with your list of pages click the SAVE button.

For the changes to take effect, you must publish your page.

Click STEP SEVEN – PUBLISH. Then click the PUBLISH button mid-screen.

Click YES to overwrite the current website.

To see what your new website looks like, click SITE PREVIEW at the top right of your screen.