Set up your iPage site with the push of a button – 1-click WordPress installation!

WordPress is one of the most popular pieces of blogging software. The reason for this is that it is very easy to use and it has many great add-ons that provides you with the great opportunity of customizing your blog just the way that you want.

iPage has definitely noticed that WordPress is being demanded by a countless amount of web hosting consumers and they decided to implement a great WordPress solution into their web hosting plans.

Let’s take a look real quick.

One Click Installation

Who like having to manually do everything when computers are used to automate the process of doing just about anything that you can think of? All you have to do is complete the iPage one page WordPress installation and you’ve got what you need to start blogging away!

Superior Dependability

As you probably know by now, people are on at various hours and this means that your readers aren’t all going to be on at the same time at each other. This is why you need a dependable web hosting provider such as iPage for your WordPress hosting demands.


Versatility is definitely a key play for any web hosting consumer. One of these days you may want to install a piece of software for your website and need a certain programming language to be supported by your host. iPage actually supports several different web programming languages making it easier for you to expand your WordPress powered blog into an innovative use of technology.

As you can see, iPage WordPress hosting definitely provides you with what you need from a blog hosting provider. If you want to get savings, use the link below to visit their website so that you can get setup in the world of blogging in no time.

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