There have been a number of cool web development tools and scripts released over the past few years. Frontend web developers are enjoying the control granted by open source plugins, scripts, libraries and other similar releases.

As a CMS platform, WordPress has become a top choice among web designers and developers because it provides a huge collection of free templates and plugins to help build a stunningly beautiful and highly functional website.

If you can’t find the right tools or scripts for your web project, you’re lucky because we’re going to show you some of the latest resources that are perfect for WordPress developers. Some of these are themes or initial templates which can expedite the development process. Check out our list and see if you can find value in any of these free open source tools.

HTML5 Blank

HTML5 Blank

This is a free open source WordPress template that’s perfect for building your own ideas. Web developers may prefer to use this over any other similar tool or resource because of its simple HTML template codes. The main purpose of this template is to provide a grounding framework for web developers to quickly customize new WP themes without the need to create new files from scratch. HTML5 Blank is a great theme for those who want to quickly implement their ideas over basic CSS resets and a typical WordPress file structure.

WP Bootstrap


For the past few years, the Twitter Boostrap framework has become very popular. Open source development over frontend interface has become an area of focus, especially for newbies. This idea carries over nicely into WP Bootstrap, a free open source theme that’s coded using the Bootstrap framework. WP Bootstrap is built on Bones which is another handy theme resource. It comes complete with default Bootstrap shortcodes for many of the common page elements and features. Additionally, it uses 2 dynamic sidebars which users can swipe or hide from within the Admin Panel.

Roots Theme

Roots Theme

Roots is a free WP theme built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Its base foundation is running on HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s an excellent alternative from WP Bootstrap, provided that it’s easy to customize. Web developers who are not familiar with themes can start editing Roots and learn a lot of new ideas within just a couple of days. It’s an excellent teaching tool.

WordPress Widget and Plugin Boilerplate


This is a great collection of free boilerplate templates on Github which target both WP plugins and widgets. These are very simple PHP files which require a standard structure to operate properly, and this will save you precious time in the long run. Most of these objects need a style sheet or a JS script for the Admin Panel. Everything has been included and focused around the WordPress API. Anybody who’s serious about learning plugin development should dig around in these codes.




QueryPosts is a giant library of WordPress documentation which is much simpler to understand. Additionally, you can look at direct examples and copies of the codes. All of the function names are displayed in single file, coupled with the parameters and location within the script. If you’re looking for the function ‘get_users()’ for getting the original placement in source code, well this page has the original source copied over, along with a direct link to the WP Github repo. It’s a really cool web application for WordPress developers.