Getting your site published when your webpages are still being designed is a good marketing strategy, especially when you use a feature-rich “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” template. As the name suggests, these templates will give your visitors a good idea about what to expect and spark interest so that they’ll visit again once your site’s up and running.

To serve its purpose, an “Under Construction” template usually has an invitation for newsletter subscription, social media icons, a graph or a numerical percentage showing the part completed, and the expected availability of the site. Apart from informing the launching of a website, these templates can also be used if the site is down for maintenance.

In this article, you’ll find a collection of unique, creative, stylish and highly functional “Under Construction” / “Coming Soon” themes. Visit the source of these templates so that you can check out the features and full previews. We hope we can help you run your website better.

Enjoy reading!




If you’re looking for something different and out-of-the-ordinary, this Coming Soon template will be the perfect choice. Flatr is a fully customizable and easy to use responsive template with HTML5 video background support and a whole lot of awesome features. It’s specifically designed to be easily configurable and is designed for creatives who want to make an attention-grabbing Coming Soon page in minutes.




Eleganttwo is an Under Construction page with automatic language selection depending on the local browser. This template has 9 available languages (English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, Itlalian, Spanish and Russian). You can easily customize a unique color scheme with the 6 shades and 256 background colors available. Eleganttwo is extremely easy to set up.



 box soon

This fully responsive, clean, simple and mobile-friendly Coming Soon / Under Construction template comes with a unique countdown timer and contact form. It is built on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and is loaded with great features. BoxSoon is easy to install and customize and has 12 different color themes. The template is cross-browser compatible with all modern browsers.



Essence is a fully responsive Under Construction HTML5 and CSS3 template based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. It’s compatible with all major modern browsers and is optimized for mobile devices. You can easily adjust it to your needs. Essence features a countdown timer, newsletter form, Twitter feed plugin, and more.


Under Construction Machine Animated HTML5 Template

 under construction machine

This Coming Soon template was once a Flash animation that was re-designed to HTML5 with the help of CreateJS. It is hand-drawn animated, with a customizable logo integrated on-screen. This cartoon retro-styled animation mechanism is centered in the browser window. The logo is clickable with custom URL. It also includes a jQuery countdown timer, 2 skins (light and blueprint), and more.


Coming Soon Responsive

 coming soon

Coming Soon Responsive is the original author’s vision of how the Coming Soon / Under Construction page should look like. It has a nice combination of colors and unobtrusive animation that combine to grab the attention of visitors and customers to your project.



This responsive Coming Soon template puts cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 techniques at your fingertips. Users can create stunning theatrical promos or Coming Soon hype for their website or project releases. The movie trailer effect is heavily optimized for both desktop and mobile platform, and also degrades well on older browsers down to IE8.




MetroLite is a Coming Soon template inspired by metro style layout. You can use it to show your clients that your website will be up soon. This template is built on Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. MetroLite is fully responsive and has a jQuery countdown timer.



Visual is a highly responsive one-page Coming Soon template with cool features and layout. It features a custom countdown timer, Ajax powered forms with animations, and a wide variety of customization options. Users can pick from 6 color schemes, 2 color options for background, and headers and footers to be slideshow-animated or as static image.



This responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Coming Soon / Under Construction template is clean, cross-browser compatible and easy to use and modify. It is designed to give a smooth user experience while providing the information you need. It’s a simple way to let everyone know you’re about to launch something special.