This demo assumes you have a domain name registered through and starts from their home page.

Domain name transfers must be initiated at the new registrars website, that is, the website for the registrar where you want your domain name transferred to.

However, you must first insure that your domain name is not being locked, or being prevented from transferring away from this registry.

Click on the LOGIN link.

Enter  your USERNAME and PASSWORD in the boxes provided

Click LOG IN.

You are now logged into your account.

Click the DOMAINS link near the left side of the screen.

Then click LIST LAST TEN.

For the desired domain name, click the DOMAIN NAME-CLICK TO MANAGE link.

Now click the LOCK/UNLOCK button.

UNCHECK the customer lock, then click UPDATE.

That’s it! The lock has been removed from the domain name so it may be transferred to another registry.

You must now go to the domain name site you wish to transfer to and initiate a TRANSFER REQUEST.

You now know how to unlock of domain names, thus enabling you to transfer them away from