This tutorial assumes you have already logged into cPanel.

Click the FILE MANAGER icon.

You are now in the File Manager interface. You can use File Manager to UPLOAD FILES to your account. Other functions include editing FILE PERMISSIONS and DELETING files.

On the left of the screen is a COLLAPSABLE LIST of folders in your account.

Once you select a folder from the left, a list of all FILES AND SUBFOLDERS will appear on the right of your screen.

Your website files must go in the PUBLIC_HTML folder.

To upload a file to a particular folder, first CLICK ON THE FOLDER ICON.

Next, click the UPLOAD ICON near the top of the screen.

Click BROWSE and locate the file on your desktop then c lick OPEN. There will be a status bar on your screen to indicate once the file has been uploaded completely.

To return to the main file manager, click the BACK TO HOME link at the bottom of the screen.

Your new file should appear in the selected folder now.

There are several things you can do with a file once it has been uploaded using the icons at the top of your screen. These functions include COPY, MOVE, DOWNLOAD, DELETE, RENAME, EDIT, ENTER CODE, CHANGE PERMISIONS, VIEW, EXTRACT and EDIT HTML.

To change permissions, first select your file, then click CHANGE PERMISSIONS.

A window will pop up, where you can edit the files PERMISSIONS. To finalize changes, click the CHANGE PERMISSIONS button.

To MOVE a file, select it and then click MOVE FILE.

A pop up window will appear; enter the location to which you wish to move the file, then click MOVE FILES.

By clicking on a file and clicking the DELETE icon, you can remove a file from your directory.