This tutorial assumes you are already logged into cPanel.

Click on the CRON JOBS icon.

There are two ways to set up a cron job in cPanel.

We’ll explore the simpler method. Click the STANDARD button.

Every time a cron job runs, the OUTPUT, or results, is sent to an email address.

Enter the email address where you’d like your output sent in the box provided at the top right of your screen.

Now you have to enter the COMMAND of the script you want to run, including the path (from root).

In this example, we’re using a script called CLIENTS.CGI which is located in the CGI-BIN DIRECTORY of the account abc123c.

Enter the COMMAND in the box provided.

Next, specify the TIMING of this cron, meaning you must indicate when and how often the script should run.

From the minutes menu, select the EXACT MINUTE the cron is to run. (Ex.: if you want the cron to run at 1:45 am, select 45 from the minute menu.)

From the hours menu, select the EXACT HOUR at which you’d like the cron to run. (Ex.: if you want the cron to run at 1:45am, select 1 from the hours menu.)

From the days menu, select the appropriate day of the month you’d like the cron to run.

From the months menu, select the appropriate option. If you would like the cron to run every month, select EVERY MONTH.

You can specify which day of the month the cron will month by selecting an option from the WEEKDAYS menu.


That’s it!

Click the GO BACK link.

Click the STANDARD button.

From this screen you can EDIT or DELETE a cron job, or add new cron jobs.

To DELETE a cron job, click the DELETE button for appropriate entry.

To setup a cron job in the ADVANCED method, click the ADVANCED (UNIX STYLE) button from the main cron job screen.

This method of creating cron jobs is not straight forward and should be used only if you know exactly what you’re doing.