This demo assumes you’ve already logged into cPanel..

Lets use the ADD-ON DOMAIN feature to add another domain name to this account.

Scroll down.

Click the ADD-ON DOMAIN link.

There are currently no add-on domain names listed, lets create one!

Enter the new domain name in the NEW DOMAIN NAME BOX.

Enter the directory name in your main account where your new domain will be pointing. Then enter a password for this new add-on domain. Reenter your password and click the ADD DOMAIN button.

That’s it! The new add-on domain ( has been created and its website files should be uploaded to the directory. A new FTP account has also been created for this domain.

Click the GO BACK link, then click the HOME icon.

Scroll down and then click the FTP ACCOUNT link. Scroll down and find your new FTP account that was automatically created for your new domain

To remove a domain, go back to the ADD-ON DOMAIN screen. Click the REMOVE button, then click YES. The add-on domain and its FTP account have been removed.

You now know how to set up add-on domains in your account.