This tutorial assumes you have already logged into WHM.

The FEATURE MANAGER can help create hosting accounts.


Then click the FEATURE MANAGER link.

Feature Manager lets you assign a custom set of features to a specific package.

The first thing to do is create a FEATURE LIST NAME.

Enter a FEATURE LIST name in the provided box. Click ADD.

A list will appear with all the features available in cPanel. By default, most are selected.

To create a custom feature list, make the changes you desire to the feature list.

When finished, click SAVE.

That’s it! You’ve just created a CUSTOM FEATURE LIST.

Click the link titled BACK TO FEATURE MANAGER.

From this screen, you can edit the feature list  you just created.

In order to use the feature list just created, it must be linked to a package.

Click the PACKAGES link.

Then, click EDIT PACKAGES.

Select the desired package then click EDIT.

Select the feature list you crated from the FEATURE LIST DROP DOWN MENU, then click EDIT.

THAT’S IT! Now, any time you create a hosting account and assign it the selected package, the account will only have those features available to it that were assigned when you created the feature list.