This tutorial assumes you have already logged into WHM.


Then click the SKELETON DIRECTORY link.

The skeleton directory is where you put a TEMPORARY HOME PAGE for all accounts you create in WHM.

The temporary homepage is what visitors will see in their browsers until a new home page is uploaded to the account.

In this tutorial, the resellers account’s main username isabc123c, SO THAT’S WEHRE THE SKELETON DIRECTORY IS LOCATED. (NOTE: HOME/ABC123C/CPANEL3-SKEL)

To change the temporary (or default) home page, simply UPLOAD A NEW PAGE to the cpanel3-skel directory in the location shown above using either an FTP program or the FILE MANAGER TOOL in your main accounts cPanel.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to view the Skeleton Directory in WHM.

Learning about Skeleton Directory in WHM