This tutorial assumes you have already logged into WHM.

Customers can park domains themselves from their cPanel CONTROL PANELS, so you’ll rarely have to use this feature in WHM.

Click the DNS FUNCTIONS link.

Then click PARK A DOMAIN.

Parking a domain will automatically setup a DNS ZONE in the server.

Select the domain to park.

Enter the new domain to park in the text box.

To create the DNS ZONE click the SUBMIT button.

That’s it! We’ve just created a new DNS zone, so that the new domain will point to the existing domain.

Make sure that you now UPDATE THE NAMESERVERS of the parked domain to the same values as the selected domain.

Both domain names must have the same NAMESERVER SETTINGS and after 24-48 hours of propagation, the new domain will be successfully pointing to the original domain.

You now know how to park a domain in WHM.