This tutorial assumes you have already logged into WHM.

Click on the ACCOUNT FUNCTIONS link.

Then click the CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT link.

This screen is the heart of WHM. It is the screen where you can create new hosting accounts in real time.

There are several options for which you can set limits. The limits you set here will define how many resources the account has access to.

First, enter the DOMAIN NAME that will be used for the new account. Next, enter a PASSWORD for the account, after which a username will be created automatically, which you can edit later.

Scroll down.

At this point you can continue to fill in values for all the options or to speed up the process, you can choose a predefined account packages, to automatically fill in many of the listed options.

To use a PACKAGE, open the PACKAGE DROPDOWN menu.

Select the desired package. Notice how options are auto filled once you select a package.

You can setup as many packages as you want and should as it helps speed up the process of creating hosting accounts.

Even though packages predefine options for you, keep in mind that you can edit any one of the options further.

Scroll down.

Click the CREATE button.

The hosting account has been created on the server and a new cPanel control panel has been set up for it. You should now send the information to the person who will be using the account. They will need to know the USERNAME and IP ADDRESS as well as the NAMESERVERS.

They can now LOGIN TO CPANEL for the new account but will have to use the IP ADDRESS METHOD rather than the domain name method since the domain name will not work until it’s nameservers have been changed and propagates.

Click the LIST ACCOUNTS link. You new account should appear.

Create New Hosting Accounts in WHM